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Assam: Three-year old boy killed after man suspected him to be a  ghost

In a dreadful incident, a three-year old boy died after he was harshly beaten up by a person who suspected him to be a ‘ghost’ in Nagaon district of lower Assam, said the police.

The kid was standing unaccompanied on the road at Sarudal Basti of Salna, waiting for his father. His father had gone to escort his mother back home after visiting someone’s place in the village.

The area comes within the limits of Samaguri police station. Seeing him alone on the roadside, one man called Lakhman Thakur, who was passing by on a motorbike, thought him to be a ghost. He then cruelly beat him till he died, they said.

Infuriated by the episode, the residents also beat up Lakhman and critically injured him. The man was admitted to BP Civil Hospital in Nagaon, said the police.

He will be detained when he recovers.


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