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Beware: These traits may make people dislike you in no time!

By Radha Mishra
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Beware: These traits may make people dislike you in no time!
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While we put all the effort to get liked by people around us, the bitter truth is – we cannot please everyone. So, no matter how much we try, we end up saying things that make people dislike us in no time. However, all we can do is – avoid certain traits and behaviors that may turn people against us. According to The Independent, here are traits and behaviours that people find intolerable:

Uploading too many pictures:

While people tend to upload several pictures to get liked, this trait may create a negative impact. In fact, posting too many pictures might distance people, as per a study. While posting many pictures of the family may alienate friends, posting several photos of friends may alienate family. So, better keep some photos to yourself only.


Self-praise won’t impress anyone. So avoid saying things like “I work too hard” or “I care too much,” especially at interviews or at any places that matter. As per a Harvard study, you may end up losing an opportunity if you believe in Humblebragging. So better open up about a real weakness that may not harm the deal.

Hiding emotions:

Researchers showed students videos of an actor’s face with and without emotion.  The students rated the emotive actor much higher in likeability.

Not smiling:  

As per a study, no matter how the person in a photo poses, people like them most if they smile. Another study found that smiling makes people more unforgettable after meeting someone for the first time.


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