Bigo Live Annual Awards 2018 to honour India’s best-performing live streamers

Bigo Live Annual Awards 2018 to honour India’s best-performing live streamers

  • The BIGO LIVE awards 2018 will be announced in a grand ceremony in Gurugram on 19 January
  • BIGO LIVE will recognize and felicitate live-streaming hosts and agencies which performed exceptionally well on the BIGO LIVE platform in the last one year
  • A total of 37 awards will be given in nine categories

GURUGRAM: Bigo LIVE, India’s fastest-growing live-streaming platform with 57 million users, is set to unveil the 2018 edition of its annual awards on 19 January in Gurugram in a grand ceremony. The BIGO LIVE Annual Awards recognize and felicitate live-streaming hosts and talent management agencies which performed exceptionally well on the BIGO LIVE platform in the last one year.

To select the winners from among millions of Bigo Live users, the platform has been running contests and online polls for the last one month both on social media and in-app. As many as 37 winners will be announced in nine categories from among the thousands of participants. These categories include BIGO LIVE hosts and talent agencies; BIGO Walk of Game; BIGO Walk of fame; top performing agency; debutante agency; social media sensation, etc. The winners will get certificates, trophies, merchandise and cash prizes.

Talking about the awards, Nagesh Banga, Marketing Head, Bigo LIVE India, said: “The BIGO LIVE Awards which were instituted last year have already become very popular among the Indian live-streaming community. This is our way to acknowledge BIGO LIVE community and honour the top performing hosts and talent management agencies which have done exceptionally well on our platform over the last one year. Since its launch in 2017, Bigo LIVE has already got a 57 million strong user base in India with over 10,000 hosts. In less than two years, Bigo has emerged as not only the top live-streaming app in the country, but also the highest revenue generating app.”

Nagesh Banga added: “Bigo LIVE is an ecosystem which enables users to interact and socialise with each other, showcase their talent globally and earn money. We are extremely proud of the thousands of success stories that have emerged in India from people using the BIGO LIVE platform. Bigo Live users can not only live their own moments but also view and enjoy other people’s moments in real time. Many of our hosts have made it big and become an Internet sensation, with huge follower base, full-time career opportunity and huge monthly earnings. A few of them are earning as much as Rs 10 Lakh to Rs 15 Lakh per month!”

BIGO LIVE is integrated with two-way chat rooms and allows the users to earn money by showcasing their talents to the world. The user-friendly platform is also easily accessible to people in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns across India. One reason for its rapidly growing popularity is that it supports instant monetization of one’s streaming content, from freelancers and small and medium size start-ups to performers and entertainers in small towns and even housewives. Bigo LIVE has also become the preferred live-streaming platform for many Indian celebrities and corporate businesses. Artists like Sukhi, Deep Money, Tatva K, Sachet & Parampara, Ashok Mastie, KD & MD have also performed on the Bigo LIVE platform.

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