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With calf slaughter, the Congress has accelerated its suicide mission

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With calf slaughter, the Congress has accelerated its suicide mission
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The picture of the Kerala Youth Congress workers slaughtering a calf on the street to protest against the latest law of the centre to restrict the animal-trade for slaughter has caused furore across the country. Under the new law, animals for slaughter can be purchased only directly from the farmers and not at the livestock markets. This at best makes the purchase of animals for slaughter more difficult. But the activists of the Congress were so blinded by their hatred of Prime Minister Modi that they decided to slit the throat of the calf live on camera and then proudly took selfies!! Amidst anti- Modi slogans. But not much can be expected from the Congress party. The calf they slaughtered looked carefree till the end, she wasn’t worried or showed any anxiety. She trusted them, thinking that she is in the safe hands. This is exactly how the Congress has led India & her people over the decades to their ruin. That India remains a third world country even after seven decades of independence is mainly due to the faulty policies adopted by the Congress & the disastrous political culture it nurtured since independence, which meant privileged virtue-signaling, socialist rhetoric & pubic loot rather than any actual socio-economic mobility for the masses.

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But this single act demonstrates that how far the Congress has travelled in the company of NGO-type activists & the left-wing discourse, most of whom are rabid Hindu-baiters like those who adorned the infamous super-cabinet run by the Sonia Gandhi during the UPA era. The Congress has totally lost touch with the masses of the country whose votes it covets during the elections. From taking dubious stand over Kashmiri separatism to supporting ultra-left in the university campuses in their war-cry calling for the destruction of India to publically slaughtering cow, Congress is on a suicide path. It is another matter to argue for freedom to choose food habits or to protest against a law or any party. But it is quite something else to publically slaughter a cow, which is considered a sacred & protected animal by the large section of Hindu masses. This act of Congress was not a protest against the BJP or Modi but it was like spiting on the beliefs & sentiments of crores of Hindus. Curiously this comes at a time when a senior Congress leader, Kapil Sibal, is arguing in the favor of Triple Talaq in Supreme Court because religious beliefs and laws must be respected!

It is like throwing an open challenge to the Hindus even to those who care little about Gau-raksha. Even the Hindus in the south are incensed irrespective of whether they eat beef or not. Because Congress is telling them that they don’t matter. Because what the Congress has done is what the medieval Muslim invaders and rulers did to humiliate the defeated Hindus. One reason why the cow slaughter is such an evocative and violent issue is that it is embedded with the collective memory of the people of religious oppression, invasions, forced conversions (with its attendant forced beef-eating) and desecration of temples. This is especially true for the North-India. But the same is true even for the South. One of the laments of the Princess Gangadevi of Vijyanagar in her 14th CE poem, Madurā Vijayam, is that the rivers of Madurai Sultanate are red with the blood of the cows slaughtered by the Turuskas (Turks) and this must be put to an end by the liberation of Madurai.

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Anyone trying to dismiss the issue of cow-slaughter as BJP/RSS agenda or looking at it only from the angle of ‘democratic right to food’ fails to understand the serious law and order disturbance and retribution it can invite. After all, history, even the modern history of India, is full of large-scale violence and battles over the issue of cow slaughter. But in its foolishness and arrogance, the Congress has just accelerated its own decline. It seems there is something called Karma after all.

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