Rahul Gandhi congratulates PM Modi on World Theatre Day

Minimum Income Guarantee is steroid, not crutch

At some point around 1789 when the French queen, Marie-Antoinette, was told that her subjects had no bread to eat, she is believed to have said, “let them eat cake”! Some of the criticisms of the proposed Minimum Income Guarantee betrays similar arrogance and/or naivety. While the response of the[Read More…]

Demonetisation - A Political Success

Demonetisation – A Political Success

Everyone has been going round and round in circles, quoting one economist or the other to either prove demonetisation was a success or a monumental failure. Many of us do not realize that we do not need any economist to prove whether demonetisation was a goalpost changing disaster or a[Read More…]

Amidst tensions, appeals for peace brings hope

Amidst tensions, appeals for peace brings hope

The courageous dignity of IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman amidst the Pakistani forces emerged as a beacon of what real valour and pride looks like. Everyone noted the contrast with shrill jingoinsm of the news anchors who had been war mongering and baying for blood for the past few days. The[Read More…]

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