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Chainmail Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Activities, Facts

Common belief holds that the Celts invented chainmail, but there are examples of Etruscan chainmail dating back to at least the fourth century BCE.

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Chainmail Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Activities, Facts

Chainmail Day 2023: The 22nd of September is celebrated annually as Chainmail Day, and we are preparing to honor the historically significant and incredibly effective armor! Do you know that chainmail can be found in almost every medieval culture, was a staple of medieval armies, and was especially favored by the Romans? It is a unique type of armor composed of interwoven links of metal, and often worn over a layer of leather or padded cloth.

The Background of Chainmail Day

Common belief holds that the Celts invented chainmail, but there are examples of Etruscan chainmail dating back to at least the fourth century BCE. Archaeologists discovered the earliest examples of ancient mail in the Carpathian Basin at a 3rd-century BC burial in Horn Jatov, Slovakia, and a burial of a chief in Ciumești, Romania.
The term chainmail is superfluous, as the French word for chain is mail. Therefore, it can be referred to simply as’mail’

Throughout antiquity and the Middle Ages, iron wire was much simpler to obtain than iron plates. This made it the material of choice for mail. Between the third century B.C. and the sixteenth century A.D. in Europe, it was widely employed by the military.

This historical piece of armor is created using two techniques: butting and riveting. Butted chainmail has rings that are bent together without a mechanical connection holding the ends together, whereas riveted mail rings are frequently combined with solid punched rings to save time. Both techniques produce mail with exceptional resistance to slashing and stabbing.

The advantage of chainmail was its ability to provide protection while allowing the wearer to move freely. While it was ineffective against piercing weapons such as spears and arrows, it was exceptional against bladed weapons such as swords and daggers.

As weapon technology advanced and firearms were developed, the use of chainmail for defense began to decline, but it is still utilized for protection in a variety of industries and fields today.


Is chainmail preferable to iron?

No, although Chainmail provides greater protection than leather or gold armor, it is not as durable as iron.

Does chainmail impede a bullet?

No, chainmail cannot withstand the impact of a bullet or any other firearm.

How resistant is chainmail to stabbing?

Due to its hardness, chainmail offers a good degree of resistance against slashing attacks from knives, daggers, and swords.

How difficult is it to cut through chainmail?

Yes. Chainmail is a network of extremely durable metal rings. This makes it extremely challenging to cut through.

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Join a Chainmail Lovers’ Club.

Find fan clubs in your neighborhood or online that share your enthusiasm for medieval artifacts. Then go ahead and enjoy yourself while participating in club activities.

Make one’s own chainmail

Making one’s own chainmail is not particularly difficult. You can assemble your own using a heavy gauge wire, a pair of needle-nose pliers, and a soldering iron, while following instructions found online or in any other reliable source.

Create an online community for like-minded enthusiasts

You can create a website or social media page to attract individuals who share an interest in chainmail. Over time, you could even begin selling and buying chainmail products there.

Five types of ornamental chainmail

  • Officials began to use it as rank insignia for the military and other organizations.
  • People began incorporating chainmail into sculptures.
  • Useful for jewelry
  • Jewelry designers are beginning to recognize the potential of mail and incorporate it into their designs.
  • Headdresses Chainmail is manufactured to be worn on the head like a scarf for aesthetic and symbolic purposes.

Why We Appreciate Chainmail Day

The chainmail reveals history to us.

Several centuries ago, chainmail was popular. This day reminds us of a time in human history when circumstances were vastly different from the present. This increases our appreciation for history.

It gives us something cool that will bring us together.

With many movies based on the medieval period, chain mail are very cool and interesting item that can provide something for people from diverse places and backgrounds to become friends with a shared interest.

It has the potential to help us acquire new skills.

The craft of making chainmail is still practiced today, albeit in more modern forms. Learning how to make chainmail could enable you to acquire the skill and start earning money with it.

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Year Date Day
2023 September 22 Friday
2024 September 22 Sunday
2025 September 22 Monday
2026 September 22 Tuesday
2027 September 22 Wednesday