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Chaitra Navratri 2024: Day 1 Celebrations of Maa Shailputri

Chaitra Navratri 2024, an auspicious festival marking summer arrival and devotion to Goddess Durga, begins on April 9, with devotees offering Maa Shailputri veneration for blessings, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment.

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Chaitra Navratri 2024 Day 1 Celebrations of Maa Shailputri
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Chaitra Navratri 2024: On April 9, Chaitra Navratri begins, celebrating summer and devotion to Goddess Durga for nine days. On the first day, devotees pray to Maa Shailputri for blessings, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Define Maa Shailputri.

The initial manifestation of the Goddess Durga among the Navadurgas is Maa Shailputri. Many believe that she embodies nature herself and represents innocence, serenity, tranquility, and purity. She depicts herself astride a bull (Vrisharudha) while holding a lotus flower in her left hand and a trishul (trident) in her right. She is the daughter of the Himalayas.

Chaitra Navratri 2024 Dates: List of all the Days

Day One: Time, Date, and the Ghatasthapana Muhurat

  • The 9th of April, 2024
  • Morning Ghatasthapana: 6:02 am to 10:16 am
  • Abhijit Ghatasthapana Muhurat: 11:57 am to 12:48 pm
  • Pratipada Tithi: Commences at 11:50 pm on April 8 and concludes at 8:30 pm on April 9.
  • Shandra Chandra Time: 7:29 pm to 6:44 pm Samagri, Color, Puja Vidhi, and Rituals
  • The color white
  • Vidhis of Puja (Rituals):
  • Early in the morning, devotees bathe and beseech Adi Shakti and Maa Shailputri for favors.
  • Ghatasthapana (Kalash Sthapana) is performed at home through the installation of a sanctified vessel (kalash).
  • A pan with soil and navadhanya seeds within the kalash needs water.
  • Add akshat, Ganga Jal, coins, and supari to the water.
  • Cover the kalash with a coconut canopy and five mango leaves.
  • Light a lamp (diya) near the Kalash for nine days.
  • Present Maa Shailputri with an oil lamp, incense sticks, flowers, fruits, candies, and a special bhog of Desi Ghee.

Stotra, Puja Mantra, Prathana, and Stuti

  1. Namah of Om Devi Shailaputryai
  2. Vande Vanchhitalabhaya Hekharam Chandrardhakritashe Shri Viduradham The Shuladharam Hassavinim Shailaputrim
  3. Namo Namo Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Shailaputri Rupena Samsthita Namastasyai Namastasyai
  4. Prathama Durga Bhavasagarah Taranim Tvamhi Shana Dhana Shailaputri Aishwarya Dayini Pranamamyaham Trilojanani Tradiyaman Tvamhi Paramananda Bhagyarogya Saubha Dayini Shailaputri Hymnus Amrambodhi Vinashinim Charachareshwari Tvamhi Mahamoha Regarding Mukti Bhukti Dayinim Shailaputri Amyanom Pranamaham

Maa Shailputri is the focus of devotion on the first day of Chaitra Navratri, symbolizing purity and nature. Devotees perform Ghatasthapana with reverence, invoking blessings for spiritual development and prosperity. The celebration represents the resurgence of vitality and the veneration of feminine deities.

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