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Choose Jackfruit for healthy lifestyle: Here’s why?

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Choose Jack fruit for healthy lifestyle: Here's why?

Jackfruit is a popular food among vegan chefs as it is considered as a substitute of meat. Because of the fruit’s huge size and sticky flesh coating, most consumers opt to buy already peeled and prepped jackfruit, rather canned or frozen.

There are a lot of health facts that revolves around Jackfruit which makes it a must eat veggie

1) Origination of jackfruits resides from rainforests of the Western Ghats of India, where it spread to other parts and southeast Asia, the East Indies and the Philippines.

2) A cup of sliced jackfruit flesh has 155 calories, 2.4gm of protein and 2.6gm of dietary fibre. Jackfruit is rich in vitamin C (11.1mg) and manganese (0.3mg) in a single serving, providing you with 18 per cent and 16 per cent of the daily value. It’s also rich in potassium, copper and magnesium. It is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, making it one of the healthiest foods around.

3) A meal of jackfruit on its own is considered a low glycaemic index meal, due to high amounts of dietary fibre, slow release of glucose and the intact starch granules in the seeds. These properties help in managing blood sugar levels.

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4) It also serves as an immunity booster as abundant reserves of vitamin C and vitamin A in the fruit help to boost the immune system and ups the body’s defences against infections.

5) Jackfruit is also good for skin as it needs nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin A to stay young and firm. Jackfruit is rich in both the nutrients that prevent skin damage and keeps it more youthful for longer.

6) There are two basic ways to use jackfruit – young, unripe, green jackfruit is used in savoury dishes and has very little flavour, but a great texture similar to shredded chicken or meat. Ripe jackfruit has a fabulous flavour similar to mango, papaya and other tropical fruits.

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