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Colón Day in Panama 2023: Activities, Dates, FAQs, and History

A national holiday named Colón Day honors Colombian forces for their assistance in the partition of Panama.

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Colón Day in Panama 2023 Activities, Dates, FAQs, and History

Colón Day in Panama 2023: Annually observed on November 5, Colón Day is one of the numerous celebrations that Panama hosts to mark the month of independence. A national holiday named Colón Day honors Colombian forces for their assistance in the partition of Panama. The occasion is derived from the city of Colón, which is located in Colombia. The three days of celebrations feature an abundance of concerts, festivals, grand parades, and pyrotechnic exhibitions.

Colón Day in Panama History

In Panama, Colón Day is observed to commemorate the tragic day in 1903 when Colon City residents and the Colombian army successfully mediated a resolution. Colombia requested the invasion of Panama subsequent to the latter’s proclamation of independence. The Colon residents effectively persuaded the Colombian troops stationed there to abstain from launching an assault on Panama City on November 5, 1903. The Colombian military could have potentially strengthened its military superiority and defeated the independence movement in the absence of this operation.

Colón Day is consequential to the historical account of Panama’s independence from Colombia. Although the United States supported Panama’s secession from Colombia, Colombia refused to recognize Panama’s independence. Panama formally proclaimed independence on November 3, 1903; however, the conflict persisted. The Colombian government issued the advance order on Panama City to the Army. Colon, a strategic location in close proximity to the Caribbean Sea, became a battleground for the Panamanian forces on November 3, 1903. Panamanian authorities valiantly attempted to dissuade the Colombian Army from participating during the period of division between Colombia and Panama. Considered a turning point in Panamanian history, this day is renowned for its productive discussions.

Colón Day, which is also observed in Panama, is a derivative of Columbus Day. Columbus never discovered the city of Colon; he merely visited Navy Bay, the island where the city is located. A consequence of the California gold rush, the prospectors bestowed the metropolis with the appellation ‘Colon’ in homage to Cristobal Colón, the descendant of Christopher Columbus.

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Does Colón merit a visit?

Despite not being the most populous metropolis in the nation, it presents an abundance of remarkable attractions and experiences. On the other hand, if you arrive in Colón via cruise ship, you will likely have only one day to investigate the region’s splendor.

Describe the customary brunch in Panama.

Breakfasts in Panama often consist of corn tortillas that have been deep-fried and filled with eggs and other palatable components, including fried meat. If one’s heart cannot handle it, have no fear; fresh fruit, eggs, and toast are readily available throughout the country. Additionally, the majority of restaurants serve brunch in traditional American fashion.

Is it legal to possess narcotics in Panama?

It is a serious offense to possess any quantity of narcotics, including marijuana, in Panama. Surveillance of an individual engaging in drug use is sufficient cause for an arrest. Substance abuse carries a 15-year maximum prison term, and mere adjudicative proceedings may take as much as two years.

Activities commemorating Colin Day in Panama

Explore Panama

Panama should be on your itinerary, particularly in November. A multitude of historical occurrences and occasions serve as reminders of valiant deeds.

Attend the parades and celebrations.

Parades, concerts, pyrotechnics exhibitions, and festivals abound. You are cordially invited to partake in these festivities and fully appreciate the delicacies of the region.

Investigate the regional cuisines

Boquete exhibits distinctive microclimates that cultivate the highest quality coffee, rendering it an optimal destination for coffee aficionados to visit and savor. ‘Sancocho,’ a popular dish that is consumed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Panama as well as in numerous other Latin American countries, is something you should attempt.

Five Interesting Panama Facts

A rainforest is located within the city.

Panama City is the only capital city that encompasses a rainforest within its boundaries.

It holds two independence celebrations.

The first Independence Day was observed by Colombia in 1903, and it was observed by Spain in 1821.

Such are the Panama Hats.

Not Panama, but Ecuador in South America is the origin of the Panama Hat.

This is Panama’s currency.

Before any other country in Latin America, Panama was the first to approve the U.S. dollar as its own.

The Canal of Panama

The Panama Canal traverses the entire nation in the form of a trench.


Year Date Day
2023 November 5 Sunday
2024 November 5 Tuesday
2025 November 5 Wednesday
2026 November 5 Thursday
2027 November 5 Friday