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Columbus Day 2023: History, FAQs, And Facts About Columbus Day

However, this commemoration has been the subject of considerable controversy in recent decades due to the numerous atrocities committed by Christopher Columbus against Native Americans during his lifetime as an explorer.

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Columbus Day 2023 History, FAQs, And Facts About Columbus Day

Columbus Day 2023: Columbus Day is a federal holiday observed in the United States on October 9 to commemorate Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas in 1492. However, this commemoration has been the subject of considerable controversy in recent decades due to the numerous atrocities committed by Christopher Columbus against Native Americans during his lifetime as an explorer. As a consequence, numerous locations across the United States, including California, New York, Minnesota, and Colorado, have renamed this occasion Indigenous People’s Day. This day is no longer obligated to be a somber reminder, but rather a constructive emblem of our advancements and transformations. If you are fortunate enough to be unemployed today, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge of Native American culture and the founding fathers of our country.


Although Christopher Columbus first visited the Americas in 1492, it wasn’t until 1792 that the earliest records of an unofficial Columbus Day celebration appeared. On the 400th anniversary of the lynching that occurred in New Orleans, during which eleven Italian immigrants were assassinated by a mob, President Benjamin Harrison proclaimed Columbus Day a singular national observance. After the lynching, this action was taken as part of a larger endeavor to appease Italian Americans and reduce diplomatic tensions with Italy. Under the guise of Christopher Columbus, politicians, poets, educators, and clergy initiated the web of patriotism during this celebration. These rituals incorporated concepts such as the limits of citizenship and the significance of allegiance to the country. Numerous Italian-Americans utilized this occasion to honor their heritage. Mariano A. Lucca, a native of Buffalo, New York, did not establish the National Columbus Day Committee until 1966. This organization advocated for the recognition of Columbus Day as a federal holiday. In 1968, as a result of these fruitful efforts, Columbus Day was designated a federal holiday.

Christopher Columbus Day has become an increasingly contentious occasion to commemorate over time, owing to the atrocities he perpetrated against Native Americans. Christopher Columbus is not widely regarded as a heroic figure; rather, he is perceived as a violent despot who lacked navigational prowess, as evidenced by the fact that he mistook India for the Americas upon his arrival. His legacy also included the widespread genocide, enslavement, and mutilation of thousands of Native Americans and indigenous people.

As a consequence of this circumstance, the observance of Columbus Day has progressively transformed from a cause for national pride to an agonizing reminder of a somber period in American history. Numerous states have submitted petitions since the early 1970s to alter the name to National Indigenous Peoples’ Day in remembrance of Native Americans and to celebrate their heritage and customs. It has recently been designated as an official state holiday in several jurisdictions.

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FAQS (Columbus Day)

What is the significance of Columbus Day?

Despite the fact that many states no longer observe Columbus Day, the holiday was initially established in the late 1700s to defuse hostility and violence against Italian-Americans.

What exactly does Columbus Day commemorate?

Despite being a contentious occasion, Columbus Day honors Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas.

What caused Columbus Day to be discontinued?

As a retaliatory measure against the Indian Americans that Christopher Columbus encountered upon his arrival in the “New World,” numerous states have renamed Columbus Day “Indegenous Peoples Day.”

A Guide to Observing Columbus Day

Acquire a deeper understanding of American history.

It is crucial to recognize the historical significance of the indigenous inhabitants who inhabited this region prior to the arrival of European colonizers. It is important to exercise caution when presuming knowledge of the answers; the historical account that was imparted to you in school might have had a European bias and may have overlooked significant Native American culture and history.

Utilize it as a forum for current events discussions.

One of the most critical things you can do is to discuss Native American issues and way of life, as opposed to averting the subject. Simply conversing about native issues and exchanging anecdotes will help to raise awareness.

Purchase Local Products

By purchasing indigenous-created artwork, handcrafted apparel, or other products, you are not only contributing to the economic development of the indigenous community but also safeguarding its cultural heritage. Furthermore, the exquisitely crafted items are of the highest quality and will serve as a cherished memento for you and your loved ones.

Five Interesting Facts Regarding Columbus

The Santa Maria was sunk.

The flagship of Christopher Columbus encountered a coral reef off the northern coast of Hispaniola on Christmas Eve, 1492.

The deceased have no tails.

Columbus returned to the first European settlement in the Americas in the autumn of 1493, having abandoned nearly forty crew members in order to establish the settlement. Upon his return, he discovered that none of his crew had survived.

In Chains to Spain

In August 1500, there was widespread demand for Columbus’s arrest, prompting a royal commissioner to be dispatched to Hispaniola. In spite of this, Columbus was returned to Spain in chains; King Ferdinand, nevertheless, granted him his freedom and provided financial support for a fourth voyage.

Tricky Chris M.D

Columbus devised a cunning deception after being abandoned by half of his crew and denied food by the islanders in Jamaica. He claimed that his deity would punish them for their failure to aid him, and the lunar eclipse was an indication of that.

Nobody believed the planet to be round.

Although many people believe Columbus’ primary objective was to disprove the theory of a flat earth, by 1492, the majority of knowledgeable individuals had established that the planet did not have the shape of a pancake.


Year Date Day
2023 October 9 Monday
2024 October 14 Monday
2025 October 13 Monday