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Constitution Day of Uzbekistan 2023: History, FAQs, Dates, and Activities

Immediately following its emancipation from Soviet rule, the Republic of Uzbekistan entered a period characterized by democratic sovereignty.

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Constitution Day of Uzbekistan 2023 History, FAQs, Dates, and Activities

Constitution Day of Uzbekistan 2023: Constitution Day of Uzbekistan is observed on December 8 to commemorate the constitutional amendment that took place in Uzbekistan. Immediately following its emancipation from Soviet rule, the Republic of Uzbekistan entered a period characterized by democratic sovereignty. The implementation of a new constitution and the division of powers occurred. The day is a national public holiday with no labor requirements. The honorable Uzbeks assemble in government buildings and educational institutions for marches in which they reaffirm their allegiance to the nation’s legal system.

Constitution Day of Uzbekistan History

Located in the center of Central Asia, Uzbekistan is a double-landlocked country that is home to some of the world’s earliest inhabited cities, including Samarkand and Bukhara. The historical landmarks and abundant culture are a sensation on a global scale. In observance of Uzbekistan Constitution Day, a youthful nation and its constitution are honored.

Uzbekistan’s quest for independence commenced during the latter part of the 1980s, when the Soviet Union’s excessive influence established an unsustainable system of governance across the nation. The actions taken by Sharaf Rashidov, the chief of the Uzbek party, generated a surge of animosity that Mikhail Gorbachev was unable to quell. Within months, numerous coups and insurgent operations were executed. The constant suppression of Islamic traditions, in addition to the political unrest, brought together families of both the upper and lower classes in the nation. Opposition to the policies of the Soviet Union emerged from every corner of the nation.

Following a decade of escalating internal strife and persistent violent confrontations, the Communist Party Chief was designated as Islam Karimov, an ethnic Uzbek leader. Eventually, he was elected the inaugural president of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan achieved independence from the Soviet Union on August 31, 1991. The following year, on December 8, 1992, a new constitution was ratified, which served as an embodiment of the evolving republican values. The Uzbekistani constitution comprises six chapters that delineate the fundamental rights, obligations, and principles that govern the populace.

Constitution Day is a national holiday in Uzbekistan that is enthusiastically and proudly observed. The president of the republic grants convicted people a pardon and the blessing of a fresh start.

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FAQs for Constitution Day in Uzbekistan

Which currency is in use in Uzbekistan?

The Uzbek som serves as the country’s official and exclusive legal tender currency. Local stores offer the exchange of U.S. dollar bills for small item purchases.

When is Uzbekistan at its most beautiful?

The months of April and May, as well as the weeks spanning from September to November, offer favorable climatic conditions that are conducive to sightseeing in Uzbekistan.

Is Uzbekistan a travel-friendly destination?

Uzbekistan is among the safer countries in Central Asia for international travelers. As a police-controlled state, larger cities are characterized by a pervasive sense of law and order.

Constitution Day of Uzbekistan 2023 Activities

Construct a Uzbeki banquet

Beyond sustenance, there is no greater expression of affection. The culinary traditions of Uzbekistan epitomize the finest aspects of Central Asia. During a gathering of companions, commemorate the emancipation of this nascent nation while sipping piping hot plov (pilaf) and piquant meat skewers.

Perform the Uzbek national hymn

The national anthem of Uzbekistan has undergone numerous modifications over the past century. The most recent rendition is a magnificent recitation of the Uzbek vow of sovereignty and independence. By reciting a few lines, show the dazzling republic of Central Asia the utmost reverence.

Consider visiting Uzbekistan.

The importance of the tourism industry to the economy of Uzbekistan is growing. Khazarti Imam, the magnificent mausoleum, mosques dating back centuries, and the Ark Citadel collectively comprise an unparalleled travel experience. Make travel arrangements to commemorate the nation’s independence this holiday season.


Year Date Day
2023 December 8 Friday
2024 December 8 Sunday
2025 December 8 Monday
2026 December 8 Tuesday
2027 December 8 Wednesday


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