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Delhi: Dance teacher shot dead for mocking a man’s dance moves during Valmiki Jayanti celebration

In a shocking incident, a 20-year-old dance teacher was shot dead by an unidentified man during Valmiki Jayanti celebration in Delhi on Wednesday October 24. As per the reports, the accused man got offended at the victim Avinash Sangwan for making fun of his dance moves.

The incident happened at a religious event in Central Delhi at around 11:30 pm. An onlooker was recording the event, where people were dancing on the street and he captured the moments after the shot was fired.

As quoted by a national tabloid Hindustan Times, Avinash’s friend, Nikhil Sangwan, also a dance teacher, told the police that he and his friends including Avinash were dancing near the temple when they noticed a well-built man also dancing. Avinash reportedly mocked the stranger about his dance steps. The man came towards Avinash and pushed him away angrily. He seemed to have left but returned soon enough.

“He returned with his two friends and they all joined us in the dance. Suddenly, I heard a gunshot sound and saw Avinash bleeding from his chest. We helped Avinash remove his t-shirt and found him bleeding from his right side of the chest. Before we could understand anything, Avinash collapsed on the road. We rushed him to Lohia hospital in a passerby’s car,” Nikhil said in his complaint.

Avinash was rushed to a hospital, where he was declared brought dead. A murder case was registered at Mandir Marg police station. An investigation into the matter is on.

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