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EA Sports F1 24 Introduces Major Physics and Handling Tweaks

EA Sports F1 24 introduces major physics and handling tweaks, enhancing the motorsport game's excitement for the upcoming 2024 season.

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EA Sports F1 24 Introduces Major Physics and Handling Tweaks
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EA Sports F1 24 Introduces Major Physics and Handling Tweaks: Millions of people are reenergized each weekend by Formula 1 since the 2024 season began a few months ago. A new sports game for the season is approaching. Before its debut, Codemasters and EA Sports presented the new version, which we attended. First in a series of previews, we discussed EA Sports F1 24’s handling and physical improvements.

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At the point where rubber meets bitumen

Casey Ringley, Senior Game Designer and Vehicle Handling Lead, and Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director and a Codemasters and F1 series veteran, showed us the cars’ changes in this edition.

Every racing game must give players a sense of realism and control when they start. Mather calls these changes “the culmination of several significant updates to the series” that use EA Sports Dynamic Handling to simulate F1 driving.

Kinetic suspension

One of the biggest update changes. This tweak will substantially change the car’s weight distribution, making it more realistic and responsive.

Camber gain, toe change, gross centers, and more will be dynamically modified in F1 and F2 cars. Players can feel balance changes while driving thanks to realistic steering geometry and vehicle operational mechanics. In addition, the chassis improvements will create a more realistic center of mass during inertia. This increases player control and steering responsiveness.

Improved Tyre Design

As cars evolve, so do tires. In this sector, the tire and temperature models have been heavily updated to better match sport circumstances. These changes improve corner traction and temperature-dependent tire performance and durability. Weather also affects tire cooling and control.

Advances in Aerodynamics

An approach to attaining greater realism involves enhancing the aerodynamics. By better considering the inclination of the chassis, modifications in this category have produced drift and DRS effects that are more realistic and effective in certain vehicles but less so in others. By utilizing computational fluid dynamics and a virtual wind tunnel, a more natural response from the automobiles was generated. Casey Ringley asserts that this facilitates the differentiation of the teams’ strengths and limitations in accordance with the track surface.

Strengthened Power Unit

Engine braking, which affects vehicle handling, and energy harvesting via an enhanced ERS model that improves energy fluxes and throttle input energy management control are the last enhancements.

The standard version of F1 24 will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on May 31. On May 28, Champions Edition buyers will obtain early access to the game.

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