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Father Lini Day 2024 (Vanuatu): Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Vanuatu

Father Lini Day 2024 honors historical figure, Father Walter Lini, who was a priest and prime minister of Vanuatu, for his commitment to change and addressing injustices.

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Father Lini Day 2024 (Vanuatu) Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Vanuatu

Father Lini Day 2024 (Vanuatu): Annually observed on February 21, Father Lini Day is a national holiday in Vanuatu. Father Walter Lini, a significant historical figure in this nation of the South Pacific, is honored on this day. Were you aware that Father Lini held the vocation of a priest? Father Lini was, in fact, a ‘Raga’ Anglican priest before assuming office as the inaugural prime minister of the unincorporated nation of Vanuatu. Having witnessed numerous injustices committed against his fellow residents since his youth, he resolved to effect change. Consequently, who is Father Lini and what role has he played in the formation of Vanuatu? Everything you need to know about Father Lini and Vanuatu is provided below.

Father Lini Day History

A notable individual hailing from Vanuatu was Father Lini, a former priest of the Anglican order. Because the island was being colonized jointly by Britain and France, the sale of indigenous territory to outsiders constituted his greatest concern. The New Hebrides Cultural Association was established by Father Lini, Donald Kalpokas, John Bani, and other islanders to expel the colonial forces and institute political reform. He ignited the minds of the general public and increased awareness of the significance of independence through the publication of propagandist articles that he affiliated with. Later, this organization transformed into a political movement that resulted in the formation of the Vanua’aku Pati, also referred to as the New Hebrides National Party.

In 1980, as a result of nationwide liberation movements, the country achieved independence. Father Lini was elected party leader and sworn in as Vanuatu’s first prime minister on July 30, 1980. Because Vanuatu translates to “Our land forever,” he selected that appellation for the country. Father Lini was a resident until 1991 when he passed away in 1999. Consequently, individuals observe Father Lini’s memory annually on February 21 through participation in memorial services and other noteworthy occasions.

On this day each year, national leaders convene at two distinct locations to observe Lini Day. Following a customary church service, wreaths are typically laid at his tomb, accompanied by remarks, a traditional ceremony, and a feast.

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FAQs on Father Lini Day 2024 (Vanuatu)

For what is Vanuatu renowned?

Its awe-inspiring landscape, pristine waterways, shipwrecks from World War II, and abundant cultural heritage.

How was Vanuatu referred to before its independence?

It was known as the Aglo-French jointly administered condominium of ‘Nee Hebrides.’ The country was renamed Vanuatu in 1980, an appellation that translates to ‘Our Land Forever.’

How can I acquire Vanuatuan citizenship?

Candidates must be at least 18 years old, have no criminal record, remit payment to the Vanuatu Government, and furnish the prescribed documentation and medical certificate.

Day of Father Lini Activities

Motivate others to learn

Feasting on Father Lini Day is most effectively accomplished through increasing consciousness regarding his contributions to the independence struggle and his influence on the trajectory of the nation. You may devote some time to elucidating the character of Father Lini to your loved ones.

Cherish the ceremony!

One of the most significant methods to observe Father Lini Day is by participating in the ceremonies and celebrations that take place on this day. Additionally, numerous notable individuals may be present at the ceremony.

Describe your story.

Please consider sharing your experience of the magnificent nation of Vanuatu if you have had the opportunity to do so. Leverage your social media platforms to promote awareness regarding this archipelago nation.

Five facts concerning Vanuatu

It consists of numerous islands.

The country is composed of approximately eighty islands that occupy a total area of 807.8 miles.

Population-wise, it is modest.

82 percent of the more than 300,000 inhabitants of this nation are Christians.

They are multilingual.

Vanuatu’s three official languages are Bislama, French, and English.

Its nation is agricultural.

Agriculture provides a livelihood for the majority of islanders and serves as the foundation of Vanuatu.

It possesses an intriguing landscape.

Vanuatu’s islands are predominantly mountainous, with tropical to subtropical climates; their formation can be attributed to volcanic activity.


Year Date Day
2024 February 21 Wednesday
2025 February 21 Friday
2026 February 21 Saturday
2027 February 21 Sunday
2028 February 21 Monday


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