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Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army 2023: Date and Importance

On March 22, the Philippines commemorate the Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army. It is a day to honour the brave and courageous military of the nation.

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Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army 2023: On March 22, the Philippines commemorate the Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army. It is a day to honour the brave and courageous military of the nation. The Philippine Commonwealth Army was established as a service component on December 21, 1935. The Philippine Army is the eldest and largest branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (A.F.P.), responsible for ground warfare. It has participated in numerous battles, such as the ongoing Communist conflict in the Philippines, the Moro conflict, and international conflicts alongside other national military forces.


The Armed Forces of the Philippines were established by the National Defense Act of 1935, which also established the Philippine Army. The act stated that initial appointments by the President in grades higher than the third lieutenant should be made from among past bearers of reserve commissions in the United States Army as well as former officers of the Philippine Scouts and Constabulary.

Following the formation of the Philippine Commonwealth on November 15, 1935, President Manuel L. Quezon enlisted the assistance of Army General Douglas MacArthur, the Philippine Army Field Marshal, to devise a national defence strategy. The Philippine Army was officially reconstituted on December 21, 1935, with the passage of Commonwealth Act No. 1, which established a Council of National Defense and the Army of the Philippines. The law outlined the organisational structure of the army and established enlistment and mobilisation procedures. The A.F.P. was officially constituted by this legislation.

The formation of the new Philippine Army, however, proceeded hesitantly. The year 1936 was devoted to camp construction, cadre organisation, and special training of instructors drawn primarily from the Constabulary to join the new Constabulary Division force. The commander of the Philippine Department offered Philippine Scouts as instructors and delegated United States Army officers to assist with programme inspection, instruction, and administration. By the end of that year, instructors had been educated and programmes had been organised.

The Philippine Army is headed by a Lieutenant General who holds the rank of Chief of the Army. The Vice-Commander and Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army, both of whom hold the rank of Major General, assist the Army Chief with organisational and administrative responsibilities.

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Discover about Filipinos

On the occasion of the Philippine Army’s Founding Anniversary, make an effort to learn about Filipinos in the Philippines and beyond. A simple Google search will provide you with more information about this.

Increase awareness

Share posts with hashtags on social media to increase awareness of the Philippine Army’s positive efforts. This may inspire more individuals to participate in the cause and observe this week.

Make contributions

Donations are necessary, and even a modest amount can make a substantial difference. Additionally, you may donate airline miles to the Army for their trips.


Only five generals with five stars

The five-star rank did not exist until 1944, and the last recipient, Omar Bradley, died in 1981, when it was revoked.

Holiday leave restrictions for military

The army allows basic and advanced trainees to take holiday block leaves at the conclusion of each year, allowing them to spend time with their families.

The head of the Philippine military.

The President of the Philippine Republic is the Supreme Commander of the Philippine Armed Forces.

Military outposts around the globe

There are military bases in at least 74 countries, with a total of approximately 800 worldwide.

The military predates the nation.

George Washington led the first continental army in June 1775, indicating that the Philippine Army is older than the country by more than a year.


Defending a nation

The army courageously ensures the safety of its citizens. Soldiers’ lives are frequently sacrificed to protect the lives and property of citizens, but they remain undeterred.

Providing Aid to the Needy

The Philippine Army is one of the few organisations that reaches out to the lowest in times of natural disaster. The Philippine Army’s Founding Anniversary is a celebration of their outstanding work throughout the year.

Awareness is Dwindling

People are generally oblivious of the contributions of the Army. This week highlights their significant commitment to uplifting people from all aspects of life.


Year Date Day
2023 March 22 Wednesday
2024 March 22 Friday
2025 March 22 Saturday
2026 March 22 Sunday
2027 March 22 Monday