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Bavarian Crepes Day 2023: Date, History and Fun Facts

National Bavarian Crepes Day is observed on March 22 annually. Did you know that crepes from Bavaria are known as palatschinke?

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Bavarian Crepes Day 2023: National Bavarian Crepes Day is observed on March 22 annually. Did you know that crepes from Bavaria are known as palatschinke? This holiday is observed annually to commemorate and honour Bavarian crepes. On this festive day, you should begin creating some mouthwatering Bavarian crepes!


A Bavarian crepe is a delicious, pancake-like dessert prepared with buckwheat or wheat flour. Typically, it is filled with Bavarian cream and crowned with fruit, chocolate, glaze, and whipped cream. Doesn’t it sound mouthwatering?

Popular in Central and Eastern Europe, Bavarian crepes are nearly identical to French crepes (thin pancakes). The origin of crepes dates to the thirteenth century.

The name ‘palatschinke’ is derived from the Greek term ‘plakous,’ which means ‘flatbread.’ During the ancient Roman era in Central Europe, crepes were given their name.

When crepes originated in France, they were primarily ingested as bread. The reason Bavarian crepes are so popular is because they are liberally filled with Bavarian cream. A few food historians assert that a French chef residing in Bavaria introduced Bavarian cream to the country.

Although there is no evidence as to where the Bavarian crepe filling originated, we do know that Bavarian cream recipes discovered in the 1800s, around the time of French chef Marie-Antoine Carême, were written in French.

Crepes from Bavaria are a delicious nibble or breakfast option for all sweet tooths. There are a number of recipes for creating the perfect crispy crepes, and you can pair them with a variety of ingredients.

People throughout the United States observe National Bavarian Crepes Day to indulge their sweet tooth while enjoying crepes with their loved ones.


Prepare Bavarian crepes at home

At home, attempt to make Bavarian crepes. You can seek for simple recipes to make it in your preferred flavours. Request assistance from your loved ones in the preparation of these delectable crepes. You can all enjoy spending quality time together and eating this delicious confection.

Tweet regarding it

There is an expression that if something is not on social media, it does not exist! Utilize social media networks to spread the message. Use hashtags such as #NationalBavarianCrepesDay and #BavarianCrepes to let the world know that you are celebrating this food holiday.

Share it with your family and acquaintances

Don’t celebrate it alone; include your loved ones as well. Send freshly prepared Bavarian crepes to your loved ones to brighten their day.


It is a traditional French delicacy

Bavarian cream was originally a French dessert; it consisted of egg custard combined with gelatin and whipped cream, which was then moulded or used as a filling.

It was created in the eighteenth century.

Marie-Antoine Carême, a well-known French chef, is credited with creating the cuisine in the late 1700s.

Another comparable holiday exists.

Bavarian cream is celebrated annually on National Bavarian Cream Dessert Day.

The history of German cream

There is no consensus on the origin of Bavarian cream, but some believe it was created by French caterers who worked at the court of the Wittelsbach Princes.

Definition of ‘crème’

In German-speaking regions, the term ‘crème’ refers to the gelatin mould.

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Year Date Day
2023 March 22 Wednesday
2024 March 22 Friday
2025 March 22 Saturday
2026 March 22 Sunday
2027 March 22 Monday