Francois Fillon wins French Republican primary

French Republicans have picked Francois Fillon as their presidential candidate for the next year’s election.

Fillon won 66% of the total votes in the Republican Party’s first ever US-style primary run off.

“France wants the truth and France want action,” Fillon told supporters after his rival Alian Juppe conceded defeat.

“Victory is mine. It is a substantive victory built on belief. We have all the assets to be a modern, sovereign nation in the lead in Europe,” he added.

Declaring he would be the perfect candidate for all those who in their hearts proud to be French, Fillon said “”The left means failure, the far-right means bankruptcy.”

Fillon could face a fierce competition in the election in April and May from the far-right extremist Mariene Le Pen in the final round of the presidential elections.

Fillon, French Prime Minister from 2007-2012, has spoken of increasing work hours and cutting public spending.

He also pledged to took a tough stand on immigration and promised to invest billions in national security, defence and justice.

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