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Ginger Cat Appreciation Day 2023 U.S: Date, History, Significance, Facts

The pigment pheomelanin, which is also responsible for red hair in humans, gives ginger cats their distinctive orange hue.

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Ginger Cat Appreciation Day 2023

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day 2023: The air smells strongly of catnip as we gather on September 1 to observe Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. This holiday was created by American software developer Chris Roy to celebrate ginger cats. These orange furballs are the supercelebrities of cats; they are extremely clingy, frequently misconstrued, and always eager for a pet. The day also encourages people to establish a relationship with stray animals and to provide them with sustenance and shelter. So enjoy this day by petting a stray cat, streaming “Garfield,” and appreciating the gingers in your life.


Frequently, the path we least expect to follow ends up altering our lives. This is the tale of software developer turned animal rights activist Chris Roy. In 1997, Roy discovered a feral cat in his neighbourhood. He took the vagrant home and decided to foster him for a while out of compassion. He had no idea that the purpose of his life would be altered by the runt of the litter. Roy formed a special connection with the cat and gave him a permanent home within a few weeks. The 14-pound tabby brought warmth and belonging to Roy’s day. Doobert, which he named his ginger, lived for seventeen years.

In 2014, the death of Doobert shook Roy’s existence and sucked him into uncharted depths of grief. Roy, struggling with the loss of his adored ginger, declared September 1 Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. In addition, he founded Doobert, an online application that connects rescue homes and animal shelters with volunteers worldwide. Since 2014, Doobert has collaborated with over 1,200 organisations across North America and recruited over 27,000 pet admirers and enthusiasts as volunteers. By devoting the day to the memory of his cat, Roy hopes to raise awareness of our divine duty to care for our feline companions.

With the annual celebration of Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, we pledge to carry the benevolent spirit of Doobert and disseminate the message of animal welfare throughout the world. Reach out to your community’s shelters, feed the strays, and raise a glass to the incredible companionship our creatures provide.

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Educate yourself on your companion

You may be familiar with the breed and the type of sustenance it prefers, but are you aware of its annoyances and irritations? Do you know the history or origin of it? On Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, immerse yourself in the study of your feline companions.

Waste a derelict

We concur with Roy, the founder of Doobert, that all animals deserve a life free from pain, injury, thirst, and hunger. On September 1, stroll around your neighbourhood and pat all strays. Feed them catnip, tuna, or salmon to forge a bond that will last a lifetime.

Give to neighbourhood animal shelters.

The local animal shelter needs both monetary contributions and volunteer time. Take the time to visit your local animal shelter and become acquainted with its dedicated staff. You can also occasionally commit to volunteer work.


  • The ginger gene found on the X chromosome is responsible for the colour of ginger cats.
  • The pigment pheomelanin, which is also responsible for red hair in humans, gives ginger cats their distinctive orange hue.
  • There are five distinct kinds of coats on ginger cats: spotted, patched, ticked, mackerel, and swirled.
  • Ginger cats have appeared in a number of iconic films, including “Harry Potter,” “Shrek,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and “Garfield.”
  • Ginger cats can gain weight rapidly due to their tendency to constantly nibble.


Year Date Day
2023 September 1 Friday
2024 September 1 Sunday
2025 September 1 Monday
2026 September 1 Tuesday
2027 September 1 Wednesday