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National Acne Positivity Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, Facts

10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure can aid in preventing acne outbreaks.

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National Acne Positivity Day 2023

National Acne Positivity Day 2023: Nationwide observance of National Acne Positivity Day occurs annually on September 1. Acne is a skin condition caused by the clogging of hair follicles by sebum and dead skin cells. It generates zits, whiteheads, and blackheads. Although it is most prevalent among adolescents, individuals of all ages can be affected. Acne, as prevalent as it is, can be a significant source of insecurity for many individuals, impacting their social and personal lives. National Acne Positivity Day seeks to end this stigma by promoting self-love, acceptance, and appreciation of this natural skin condition and ourselves.

The background of National Acne Positivity Day

It is believed that acne dates back to ancient times. Pharaohs were the first individuals to be documented as having acne, according to historical records. In addition, there is evidence that sulphur was used as a topical acne treatment during the reign of Cleopatra. French physician and botanist Francois Boissier de Sauvages de Lacroix published one of the earliest descriptions of acne in the 16th century. He devised the term “psydracia achne” to describe small, red, and firm tubercles that altered the appearance of a person’s face during adolescence without being itchy or bothersome. Joseph Plenck, an Austrian physician, published a book in 1776 proposing the novel classification of skin diseases according to their fundamental lesions. The identification and classification of acne continued to advance.

Acne has a substantial economic and social cost. Each year, more than five million doctor visits in the United States are attributed to acne. Additionally, acne is responsible for 3.5 million annual doctor visits in the United Kingdom. In 2015, the top ten acne treatment brands in the United States generated sales of approximately $352 million. People frequently misunderstand acne’s causative and inflammatory components and fault acne sufferers for their disease. In addition to the extant physical effects of acne, the victim’s self-esteem may be harmed by such attributions. In the past, dermatology linked acne to sexually transmitted diseases, particularly syphilis, which exacerbated the stigma.

Acne impacts more than a person’s physical appearance. Acne can negatively impact an individual’s emotional health. Researchers have discovered that acne patients can experience depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, a negative self-image, a decline in quality of life, and a sense of isolation. National Acne Positivity Day highlights the prevalence of this skin disorder. It seeks to empower recipients by enabling them to accept and love themselves as they are.

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Five Interesting Acne Facts

  • Acne affects over 80% of the global population at some point.
  • There is little to no evidence that particular foods cause acne.
  • 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure can aid in preventing acne outbreaks.
  • Although water is not a direct treatment for acne, it has several positive effects on the skin’s overall health.
  • Extreme facial cleansing may cause more damage than good.

The significance of National Acne Positivity Day

In a world where negativity tends to seep into various aspects of life, any opportunity to propagate and appreciate positivity is welcome. Additionally, this enables us to promote body positivity!

Acne has a significant impact on individuals’ confidence and self-esteem. This day encourages everyone to embrace this natural phenomenon and love themselves despite it.

Numerous acne sufferers believe that they are alone in their acne-related struggles. This movement builds a community in which innumerable stories are shared, reassuring everyone that they are not alone.

National Acne Positivity Day 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 September 1 Friday
2024 September 1 Sunday
2025 September 1 Monday
2026 September 1 Tuesday
2027 September 1 Wednesday