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Gujarat: Businessman dismantles Mercedes to save kitten stuck in car

Jayeshbhai Tailor, a Surat-based businessman, dismantled his Mercedes to save a kitten that was stuck in the engine of his car.

Jayeshbhai Tailor was on a trip to Mumbai. He had come to visit a US consulate at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) where his daughter had an interview on November 30. Tailor and his family were accompanying her to Mumbai.  The family had planned that after the inteview, they would visit the Siddhivinayak temple in the city.

While on their way to the temple, family’s dog, which was also accompanying the family, heard a cat meow and alarmed the family; and then began a six-hour-long mission to rescue the kitten.

Good Samaritans, police and roadside mechanic joined the effort to save the kitten. Soon after, Tailor summoned technicians from the Mercedes breakdown helpline to Sion. The car was slowly driven to an authorised workshop in Kalina, where it was partly dismantled so that the kitten could be safely brought out.

It took technicians hours to find the stowaway because it remained silent throughout, making it even more difficult to locate it.

Tailor and his family members waited all this time for the kitten to be rescued.

The kitten was rescued safely and even found a family. Anupam Mhaske, an employee of the workshop who is quite fond of animals, adopted the kitty.

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