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Hair care post diwali and keeping hair safe from pollution

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Hair care post diwali and keeping hair safe from pollution

Diwali maybe one of your favorite festivals but you cannot afford to overlook the fact that crackers mount up the usual pollution level to manyfold. With or without restrictions from the government, firecrackers remain an inevitable part of Diwali. Undeniably, pollution causes irretrievable damage especially to your hair. Adopting the right hair care routine becomes necessary to bring back the lost health. The pollutants that gets deposited on the hair during diwali cause immense damage such as- dryness, frizzness, hair fall, dullness and breakage.

Winter season can further add to the misery- where you must have worked hard to attain those lustrous, radiant locks for Diwali but all the efforts will go in vain if you don’t care for your hair post Diwali. It is important to follow a proper hair-care routine post Diwali to keep them well–guarded against damage. Ghazal Alagh, founder, MamaEarth, points out common hair woes post Diwali.

Here are the most common post Diwali hair woes and how to fix them.

Hair Care


Problem: No matter how healthy your hair is, hair locks are very fragile and breakage is the normal problem faced during the festive season. Hair dryer further adds to the problem.

Solution: Mineral oil free hair oil, Silicon and paraben- free hair mask are important to replenish and restore hair that lost its sheen.

Split ends:

Problem-Use of dryer and high levels of pollution post Diwali can increase the problem of splits ends.

Solution-Sulfate free shampoo coupled with Silicon free conditioner can solve this problem by retaining moisture.

Flakey scalp

Problem: Dehydration and itching can be caused due to dry hair during this season.
Solution: Regular massage with Mineral oil free hair oil, exfoliates the scalp and imparts a cooling sensation.

Dry hair and dry scalp

Problem: Dry hair and scalp is the result of lack of humidity and moisture in the air. Roughness and brittleness are the common problem. And is one of the major problem faced post diwali. It produce electrons in the hair which makes the hair to stand on end. Further one can feel itchy sensation. That can lead to the development of dandruff.

Solution: Mineral oil free hair oil can be the best solution to do away dryness. It re-hydrates the hair and prevents the scalp from getting dry. Do not use hair dryer but leave let your hair naturally dry and use of hydrating products such as- Silicon free conditioner, Mineral oil free hair oil and Silicon and paraben free hair Mask can be helpful to provide moisture to your hair and avoid winter frizz. To avoid itching and dandruff it is suggested that the hair should be smoothly patted as both are closely related, prevention of one can reduce the possibility of another.

Also, shampoos containing sulphates can be avoided which makes the condition worse. Further, use of Noxin can improve the quality of hair and is recommended.


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