Here’s how ‘Dal Chawal’ can help you lose weight
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Here’s how ‘Dal Chawal’ can help you lose weight

One basic meal that the Indians are fond of the most is Dal and rice or Dal Khichdi but also at the same time they are bound to avoid it as they think that it may lead to weight gain. But this fact is not absolute truth and this dish can be a nutritious solution for weight loss.

According to a study, no particular dish is responsible for weight gain. It is actually the total calorie intake of the whole day which matters and also that leads to weight gain. Dal Chawal isn’t unhealthy rather it can be a perfect combo to beat primary nutritional requirement that can help you to lose weight too.

Losing weight is all about planning a proper diet regime. People often think that skipping meals, eating less or starving can give them the desired result but in reality, it can lead to worse health situations.

Also, many of us think that eating less rice will help in reducing belly fat but that’s not true because rice contains fewer carbs than roti. Two plain rotis of around 120 gm contain 56 gm of carbohydrates, whereas one cup of 200 gm white rice includes 52 gm of carbs. Also, roti contains sodium and rice is sodium free. So if you want to go for a sodium free diet then you can go for rice instead of roti.

Dal, on the other hand, is rich in protein and fiber and rice is rich in carbs but is gluten-free, that also adds up in improving gut health. That’s why dal and chawal together can give essential amino acids to the body. The key amino acid in rice is methionine and in lentils it is lysine.  The combination of the two fulfills our requirements of essential amino acids in a single meal.

There’s a myth about rice that it should not be consumed in dinner but according to a study one cup of dal chawal in dinner, at least four times in a week or even days can help to improve the bowel health, skin, hair, and energy on daily basis. Moreover, legumes like moong or tur for dal is preferable for eating.

There is a famous saying that everything in excess can be harmful, so is in this case. No doubt the people who are trying to lose weight can have dal chawal but the portion should not be excessive and it can be confined to one cup. Also, it is important to track the calorie intake and before making any changes to your diet always consult your dietician or doctor. Exercising on a daily basis v=can give results faster and will also keep you active and healthy.

Rejoice the good news and eat dal chawal even while losing weight.


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