Hindus are being targeted: Baba Ramdev on firecracker ban

Hindus are being targeted: Baba Ramdev on firecracker ban

Patanjali founder, Baba Ramdev has opposed the Supreme Court’s order of banning firecracker in Delhi-NCR, saying only a particular community is being targeted. Talking to India TV, Ramdev said only Hindus are being targeted and the way Hindu festivals are under radar is wrong.

“Is it right to taken legal move for everything? I run schools, universities… we permit only hand-held firework that burns slowly… we don’t support firecrackers with high decibels. Ban should be imposed on big firecrackers,” he told the news channel.

He also attacked Shashi Tharoor on the issue saying ‘an intelligent man like Tharoor must not talk like this.’ Tharoor had tweeted that the firecrackers affect everyone. “Bakr-Id sacrifices hurt only goats; Muharram mourners flagellate themselves, but Diwali firecrackers affect celebrants&non-revellers alike,” Tharoor wrote.

On October 9, the Supreme Court restored a ban till November 1 on the sale of crackers in the Delhi-NCR.

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