“How many more fathers will lose their lives over religion?” asks the son of deceased inspector

Abhishek, the son of the deceased inspector Subodh Kumar Singh, said on Tuesday that today, it was his father who lost life in a ‘dispute’, tomorrow, it would be somebody else’s.

Speaking to the media, Abhishek said that his father “wanted me to be a good citizen who doesn’t incite violence in the name of religion.” “Today my father lost his life in this Hindu-Muslim dispute, tomorrow whose father will lose his life?” he added.

Abhishek also asked for a head-up so that such incidents hurt less. He further complained that the exact timings of the Wreath-laying ceremony was not told.

Meanwhile, UP Police have lodged two FIRs in Bulandshahr case. One FIR is against the alleged cattle slaughter and the other against the violent protests which followed. Two people have been arrested and four have been detained for allegedly killing police officer Subodh Kumar Singh in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr after a violent protest broke out over alleged cattle slaughter.

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