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How to add Lock Screen Widgets on Nothing Phone

With Nothing OS 2.0.4, you can get the Photos app for the Nothing Phone.

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Nothing Phone 2

How to add Lock Screen Widgets on Nothing Phone: Nothing OS is the best OEM skin for Android that people could ask for. Everything has been changed in Nothing OS 2.0, and it now has a lot of new features, like Nothing’s black and white icons, a built-in app locker, cloned apps, and more Glyph designs. These features make the stock Android experience even better.

This guide looks at the Lock Screen widgets on Nothing OS 2.0. It covers the different widgets you can use, how to add them, and some other settings that you can change to make your Nothing Phone’s Lock Screen look better. Let’s start.

How to add Lock Screen Widgets on Nothing Phone:

You can put clocks, quick settings, apps, the weather, and even photos (with Nothing OS 2.0.4) on your Nothing Phone’s Lock Screen. Let’s check it out.

If you have Nothing OS 2.0 or higher, you can use the following apps and Lock Screen settings. For this reason, make sure you update your Nothing Phone by going to Settings > System > System Update. Version 2.0.4 of Nothing OS is the most recent one.

Step 1. Analog, digital, and world time clocks

From the app drawer, open the Settings app.

Tap Lock Screen when you get to the bottom.

Pick up the Lock Screen buttons card and tap it.

There are two rows of four circles here. This is where the tools you added will show up.

You can only add a few widgets here because there isn’t much room and the widgets come in different sizes and types. So make a good choice.

There are two widget forms for “Analog” clocks under the empty widget slots…

‘Digital’ clocks come in four shapes…

And four types of “World” clocks.

Note: To see them all, quickly move your finger across the screen.

To add an app to the Lock Screen, all you have to do is tap on it.

Both the traditional and digital clocks don’t need anything else. But if you add a world clock app, you need to tap on it to pick which city’s time to show.

This is what it will be set to by default: your System time. Tap on Specific city to pick a different place.

Type in the city’s name and then click on it to see its clock.

Then go back to the page for Lock Screen apps. The clock will now show the time in the city you chose.

Step 2. Pictures on the lock screen

The newest feature is the Photos widget for the Lock Screen, which comes with Nothing OS version 2.0.4. The Photos app comes in two shapes: a circle and a square. You can put them on your Lock Screen by tapping on them.

First, tap “Add photos.” This lets you pick which photos show up on the Lock Screen.

In the bottom right corner, tap “Add.” Then, choose the albums or pictures you want to show on your Lock Screen.

Then, to change when the picture on the Lock Screen changes, tap the “Automatically shuffle” button.

If you want to change the pictures every time you unlock your phone, select “On unlock.”

If not, pick Hourly or Daily to set a mix based on time.

Note: To change the pictures, you can also swipe up or down on the window.

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There will be no need to change the next two choices; they will be on by default. Framed will put a black border around your pictures, and Greyscale sample will make them gray to match the one-color theme of Nothing OS. Turn them off if you don’t need them. If not, leave them on.

Step 3: Quick Settings

There are three different forms in the “Quick Settings” area. To use it, tap on one.

You can pick from 28 quick settings and 8 apps here. Select the add-on you wish to use.

You can’t put any Google or non-Google apps on the Lock Screen as buttons, which is a shame.

Step 4. The weather

There are also three different shapes in the “Weather” area, and each one takes up four slots. You can add them to the Lock Screen by tapping on them.

Note: For it to work, you’ll need to turn on your position.

You can move the widgets around and get them in the position you want by dragging them around after you’ve added them.

How to add things to the Nothing Phone’s lock screen

Another thing you can do with the Lock Screen is add two buttons. One can go in the bottom left corner, and the other can go in the bottom right corner. To change the shortcuts on the Lock Screen, tap on the card.

  • Click on the card on the bottom left.
  • And pick one of the methods that are there.
  • After that, tap on the card on the bottom right.
  • And pick one of the methods that are there.
  • Another way to set up the Nothing Phone lock screen

You may also want to change a few other settings besides the apps and shortcuts. Here are some of them:

What to show: Lock Screen writing, Privacy, and Quick Look

Some choices are given under “What to show” to let you choose what appears on the Lock Screen.

  • Click on Privacy.
  • Then decide if you want to see the notification text on the Lock Screen or hide it.
  • Press the “Quick Look” button.
  • You can turn on and off Weather and Schedule here.
  • It’s better to have the Weather quick look here than a different weather widget if you want to see updates on the weather on the Lock Screen. Making this change will make sure you have a few more spots for other widgets.
  • On the Lock Screen, you can also put text, like your name, contact information, or a motivating quote. Click on Add words on Lock Screen to do that.The lock screen is locked.
  • Type what you want to say, then click “Save.”
  • You should put your contact information on the Lock Screen so that if someone finds your device and needs to get in touch with you, they can easily do so.
  • Important: If you have widgets on your screen, the Double-line clock choice won’t work because there won’t be room for it. It doesn’t matter if you turn it on or off.
  • When the Lock Screen should appear
  • You can choose exactly when to see the Lock Screen in the “When to show” area.
  • It’s best to leave all three of these options turned on so that widgets are easy to get to and use from the Lock Screen.
  • Always on Show (AOD)

Put this switch on to see the basic information on the Lock Screen even when your phone is locked. This includes the apps.


Now, let’s look at some of the most common questions people have about how to change the Lock Screen on the Nothing Phone.

How do I make my Lock Screen have tools that I want?

Tap on the apps you want to add to your Lock Screen in the Settings app. They will then be added to your Lock Screen.

In what version of Nothing OS can I find the Lock Screen Photos widget?

With Nothing OS 2.0.4, you can get the Photos app for the Nothing Phone.

What kind of Android is Nothing OS 2.0?

Nothing OS 2.0 is now built on Android 13 as of October 29, 2023.

One of the best things about Nothing OS 2.0 and 2.0.4 for the Nothing Phones is that you can now change the lock screen. Now that Lock Screen widgets are supported, you can quickly get to your favorite settings and shortcuts or see your most valued photos without ever having to wake up your device.