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Hug Day 2019: Different types of hugs and their meaning

If you want to know what each type of hug means, check out the following points.

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Hug Day 2019: Different types of hugs and their meaning

The month of love, February is graced by a full week, in which all one thinks is about love and the valentine week provides every opportunity to make your loved ones feel more loved and special. The week which kicks off from 7th Feb goes through days like rose day, propose day, teddy day, promise day, chocolate day, kiss day, hug day and finally valentine’s day. The hug day is the most intimate day amongst. It falls two days prior to the Valentine’s Day i.e. on 12th Feb.

The hug is the best warmth of love you can give to your partner. You might have several times hugged your loved ones in many aspects but do you know that there are different types of hugs and behind every hug lies a meaning.

If you want to know what each type of hug mean, check out the following points

Types of hugs

  • Side hug- This hug means that the person doesn’t know you much but wish to know you and they neither like you nor dislikes you. It is the most formal kind of hug.
  • Closed eyes hug- This hug means that the person is pleased and content to hug you. He/she considers you like family and hugging you feel home to them. It is a kind if intimate hug.
  • Pick them and hug- This hug is also called the best friend hug. In this hug, the other person picks you up and tightly hugs you. It portrays that the other person has met you after long and doesn’t wish to leave you.
  • Long hugs- Long hugs or the whenever you need me I am there kind of hug doesn’t need a definition because the longer the hug, the closer the love. This kind of hug usually happens between lovers and the longer duration of the hug tells how much the other person loves you and loves your presence.
  • Run and jump hug- This hug define longing, it simply means that the other person hasn’t seen you from a while and wants to kill the distance between you two, so they run to you and hug you like no one’s watching.


Hugs are the best way to express your feelings without saying any words, the next time you hug your loved ones, and you will know the reason behind every warmth of a hug. Not just hug but also feel the magic of hugs this valentine!


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