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“Indian men should change their outlook towards women,” says Rahul Gandhi

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi has said Indian men do not view the women in the country as equal and they should change their outlook towards women, even as he disagreed with the view that ‘India was the most unsafe place for women’.

Addressing a gathering at Bucerius Summer School here on Wednesday, Gandhi said: “I would disagree with the idea that India is the most unsafe place for women. But it is true there is a huge amount of violence against women in India. A lot of it is visible, lot of it is on the streets, but huge amount of it is invisible.”

“It happens in houses. A woman never talk about it. I think it is a cultural issue, it is a issue of how Indian men view Indian women and I think it requires a huge amount of work to fix that problem,” he added.

“It is a tragedy. It is the single most important thing that India needs to do is to change the way its men view Indian women. Frankly, it is going to take a huge effort, but it is the duty of every single Indian to do it,” he added.

Talking about women representation in legislatures, Gandhi said, “When I look at political parties, at the Parliament assemblies, I don’t see the number of women that I should. If you don’t put women in positions of power, you won’t get their voice into the system. I do a lot of work to try and get women into the system, try and get women into the party, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and assemblies. We are championing right now a bill on reservation for women in Parliament.

“You cannot build a successful country, if you do not involve its women in the process of building,” the Congress leader said.

Further, Gandhi traced the creation of Islamic State to warn against a similar situation at home if people are excluded from the development process. “It is very dangerous in the 21st century to exclude people. If you don’t give people a vision in the 21st century somebody else will give them one.”

Asserting that the transformation taking place in the world requires certain protection for people, The Congress chief accused the current dispensation in India of taking these protections away from them and hitting the informal economy through demonetisation and GST, causing anger which is leading to lynching incidents.