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International Day of Clean Air 2023: Date, History, Activities, Facts

The United Nations provides life-saving assistance to over 65 million refugees fleeing violence, conflict, and persecution.

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International Day of Clean Air 2023

International Day of Clean Air 2023: On September 7, the International Day of Clean Air, it is recognised how much work must be done to reduce the detrimental effects of smog, smoke, airborne chemicals such as excessive CO2, and other forms of air pollution. An estimated seven million individuals worldwide die annually from air pollution-related diseases. And according to Antonio Guterres, the secretary general of the United Nations, nine out of ten individuals routinely breathe polluted air.


In a document compiled, presented, and enacted on December 19, 2019 by the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations, the following text addresses clean air, which is a minute portion of the entire resolution. “…[C]lean air is essential for people’s health and daily lives… And air pollution is the greatest environmental threat to human health and one of the leading preventable causes of death and disease worldwide.”

The resolution also emphasises the significance of cross-border cooperation, as air pollution respects no political boundaries, and the affordability of green solutions such as electric and hybrid vehicles. World leaders have enthusiastically acknowledged the significance of the day.

Moon Jae-in, President of the Republic of Korea, was quoted in September of 2020 as saying, “I am very delighted to celebrate the first International Day of Clean Air for blue skies, which was adopted at the UN General Assembly last year. I anticipate that this event will increase global public awareness of… transboundary air pollution and mark a significant milestone in global efforts to implement solution-based actions for cleaner air.

According to the Geneva Environment Network, poor air quality affects a broad spectrum of human rights, including the right to life, health, water, food, shelter, and an adequate standard of living. Also obviously in violation of the right to a healthy and sustainable environment is air pollution. However, air pollution is also a concern that can be prevented. The benefits of granting everyone the freedom to breathe clean air are incalculable!

Inhaling pure, fresh air has numerous health and psychological benefits, according to scientific research. It helps clear our lungs, gives us more energy and mental clarity, reduces our blood pressure and heart rate, expedites our recovery, and can even improve our digestions. Symbolically and practically, the United Nations’ recognition of the difference in air quality and intention to do more to purify the air we breathe are significant. On the International Day of Clean Air and beyond, we can all take part in this action collectively.

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With the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by United Nations member states in 1948, the first consensus regarding the essence of human freedom was reached.

The Peacekeeping force’s budget represents less than one-half of one percent of global military expenditures.

The United Nations provides life-saving assistance to over 65 million refugees fleeing violence, conflict, and persecution.

In a recent survey conducted by the nonpartisan Better World Campaign, 79% of respondents indicated that the United Nations is necessary in the present day.

Since 1988, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been a key partner in the eradication of polio, contributing to a 99 percent reduction in global cases.


The world’s environment is a legacy that we will pass on to our children and descendants. This is a truism that has been stated numerous times, but it remains true. The more the current generation can reduce pollution, the better the world of the future will be.

Speech is inexpensive. But there are genuine initiatives in place to combat air pollution, and more are forthcoming. If you care about a pure, healthy environment, seize the opportunity to get involved and contribute to history today.

One of the things we appreciate about the United Nations is that it is a genuinely global coalition. The world is shrinking as information and the power it generates become more readily available every day. For us, the United Nations represents the ethical use of that power in a very concrete and significant manner.


Year Date Day
2023 September 7 Thursday
2024 September 7 Saturday
2025 September 7 Sunday
2026 September 7 Monday
2027 September 7 Tuesday