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International Grenache Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, Facts

Depending on where you purchase it, the price of a bottle of Grenache can range from $2,000 in the United States to just $20 in Spain.

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International Grenache Day 2023

International Grenache Day 2023: International Grenache Day is observed on September 17 by highlighting the juicy fruit that enables us to enjoy the sweet yet spicy wine. Originally cultivated in Spanish gardens, the fruits are also known as Garnacha. Garnacha Blanca and Garnacha Rojo, two of the most prevalent grape varieties, are making a comeback in Spain. This comeback is occurring as a result of the grape’s decline in prominence as other, easier-to-grow and higher-yielding grape varieties gained market share. With the establishment of International Grenache Day, the wine and the vine are gradually regaining popularity. Due to its sweet flavor with slightly peppery undertones, Grenache is the first wine for many individuals.

International Grenache Day 2023: HISTORY

The first International Grenache Day was observed in 2010 by the Grenache Symposium on the third Friday in September. The Grenache Symposium conducts competitions and conferences every three years to promote the wine and the grape, according to research. Garnacha is one of the most widely grown fruits in the world today, with production on six of the seven continents. It prefers to grow in warm, arid climates, which makes Spain one of the best locations for ripening the fruit. Garnacha is perceived as having originated in Spain. In the late 1800s, Garnacha was already being cultivated in the Aragon region in Northern Spain. As imports and exports increased, the grape traveled to Catalonia, Corsica, Greece, and Italy. Many enjoyed the flavor of the resulting wine, so they spread the grape to Asia, Australia, and the United States.

Due to the versatility of Garnacha’s flavors and chemistry, it is also blended with other wines. There are three primary cultivars of Grenache: white Grenache, red Grenache, and Grenache Noir. The fruits yield wine with a high alcohol content. Typically, a taste of Grenache is filled with spiciness and sweet berry flavors. The delicious berry flavors resemble those of red berries, such as strawberry and raspberry. The peppery note resembles white pepper. Due to their complex flavor profile, Grenache wines pair well with grilled proteins. Grenache wines are also popular with wine novices because they are not too acidic or astringent, allowing the consumer to contemplate the flavor. Additionally, this wine oxidizes readily by rapidly turning dark to brown. People also blend it with wines such as Tempranillo and Syrah.


  • Garnacha, Grenache, and Hairy Grenache are synonyms for the same grape variety.
  • Depending on where you purchase it, the price of a bottle of Grenache can range from $2,000 in the United States to just $20 in Spain.
  • In comparison to other vines, the Garnacha grape is grown on the most land, the majority of which is in Northern Spain.
  • The Tablas Creek Grenache winery is the sole producer of Grenache in the United States.
  • If you are looking for something different in the realm of Grenache wines, you can try the white version produced from Grenache Blanca.

International Grenache Day 2023: SIGNIFICANCE

In terms of kingdoms and trade routes, Grenache wine has witnessed a great deal of history. The aforementioned wine has traveled from Spain to Europe and the rest of the globe. It has also experienced periods of soaring and declining popularity. However, its distinct flavours that enliven the atmosphere are most notable.

As stated previously, Garnacha grapes experience the most land area compared to other varieties. This further demonstrates its strong market demand. Its versatility enables it to impart its complexity and body to other wines (or even food, if you’re the daring type!).

Over the centuries, the wine industry has expanded significantly. After years of research and studies, wine flavors have been enhanced and perfected. This research is not limited to the confines of a laboratory, but also involves observing in the fields which combinations of weather, fertilizer, and seeds produce the highest quality yields.


Year Date Day
2023 September 17 Sunday
2024 September 17 Tuesday
2025 September 17 Wednesday
2026 September 17 Thursday
2027 September 17 Friday