Jyoti Dhurve' caste certificate case: No relief to BJP MP, panel upholds govt decision
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Jyoti Dhurve’ caste certificate case: No relief to BJP MP, panel upholds govt decision

A review panel of the state tribal welfare department has upheld the decision of the state’s scrutiny committee to declare the caste certificate of Betul BJP MP Jyoti Dhurve as invalid.

In their decision the scrutiny committee stated that Dhurve does not belong to the Gond Scheduled Tribe committee and instead belonged to the Bisen/Panwar caste. The committed added that Dhurve’s mother belongs to the Gond community but her father is from the Bisen community and in this situation the community of father is considered to be hers.

“On the basis of the order given by tribal department, we have quashed Jyoti Dhurve’s certificate and the information has been forwarded to the parliamentary affairs minister, Delhi. Further investigation will take place from there.”, said Tarun Pithode, Collector, Betul as quoted by NaiDunia.

Earlier on Thursday, following the earlier stand of the state level investigation committee where it said that the Dhurve’s caste certificate has been found fake, the MP had submitted an appeal in the case. But the committee decided against giving relief to the Betul MP in the case.

In the general elections of 2009, Jyoti Dhurve had submitted her candidature on BJP ticket with caste certificate of Scheduled Tribe category.

“I had appealed. The facts that were placed did not get any attention. Two times date was set for hearing but I was not giving a chance to put by side. This is not appropriate.”, Dhurve had reacted then as quoted by Bhaskar. In May 2017, the state level committee formed to investigate the caste certificate had rejected her certificate of ST. Following which, MP Jyoti Dhwai had appealed against it.

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