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Kansas City Chiefs considering using franchise tag on Chris Jones

The Kansas City Chiefs are considering using a franchise tag on Chris Jones, a highly valuable defensive lineman, to retain his services in the offseason.

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Kansas City Chiefs considering using franchise tag on Chris Jones

Kansas City Chiefs considering using franchise tag on Chris Jones: The Kansas City Chiefs encounter significant roster-related choices as the offseason commences, one of which concerns the long-term status of exceptional defensive lineman Chris Jones. Given that Jones is approaching free agency, the potential for retaining his services through the use of the franchise designation becomes significant.

Since he entered the league in 2016, Jones, a critical component of the Chiefs’ defense, has been a disruptive force along the defensive line. He has established himself as a crucial element of Kansas City’s defensive strategy due to his ability to obstruct backfield plays and put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Because of this, the team is averse to his departure.

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How might the Chiefs be able to retain Chris Jones? Option for Franchise Tags

Using the franchise tag, NFL clubs can retain an upcoming free agent by negotiating a one-year contract that is equivalent to 120% of the player’s salary from the previous year or the average of the top five salaries at their position. By affixing the franchise tag to Chris Jones, the Kansas City Chiefs could retain him for a minimum of one additional season, thereby mitigating the potential loss to free agency.

The financial repercussions were the main factor in the Chiefs’ decision to franchise tag Chris Jones. The franchise tag cost for defensive tackles, which Jones has been designated to play, is estimated to be around $16 million as of 2024. Although this signifies a considerable financial commitment, it is negligible when compared to the potential expenses associated with extending Jones’s long-term contract, which may entail a substantially higher yearly wage and considerable guaranteed funds.

Are the Chiefs capable of securing the tagging of Chris Jones?

Every NFL team faces the recurring obstacle of navigating the salary budget, and the Chiefs are not an exception. Although securing Chris Jones under the franchise tag might offer temporary stability, it would concurrently deplete the organization’s contract space, which could impede their capacity to pursue free agency acquisitions or re-sign other crucial personnel.

Chris Jones’s name being announced could bring him financial stability for the upcoming season, but it may not align with his desire for a long-term commitment from the team. Beyond the 2024 season, Jones might prefer to secure a multi-year contract that provides stability and guarantees.

While the franchise tag provides the Chiefs with a viable option to keep Chris Jones for the 2024 season, it comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. The Chiefs will undoubtedly engage in discussions and negotiations in the coming weeks as they determine Jones’s optimal course of action concerning his future in Kansas City.

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