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King Harald V’s Day 2024 (Norway): Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About Norway

Norway celebrates King Harald V's Day 2024, honoring the visionary and unorthodox monarch who influenced significant changes in society and politics, despite appearing reticent outside the world.

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King Harald V's Day 2024 (Norway) Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About Norway

King Harald V’s Day 2024 (Norway): Norway observes King Harald V’s Day on February 21 with the hoisting of flags and a salute to their monarch. On this day, the visionary and unorthodox monarch Harald V was born. He might appear to the outside world as largely reticent. However, he is universally recognized in Norway for influencing significant transformations in both Norwegian society and politics.

During his reign, he enhanced the monarchy’s modernity and accessibility. The press has been granted unprecedented access to the Norwegian royal family as a result of his endeavors. Even press interviews with the monarch are likely the first of their kind in the history of European royalty. Although he holds the symbolic position of Norway’s monarch, King Harald V is not reticent to voice his political stance on the matter at hand.

The History of King Harald V’s Day

Harald V was raised during the twilight of World War II. As a result of the April 1940 German invasion, the royal family was forced to evacuate Oslo. Although his father remained in Norway, Harald, along with his mother, Crown Princess Martha, and two sisters, departed for Sweden. The family ultimately relocated to the United States, where Harald resided for the majority of his childhood in the city of Washington, D.C.

The royal family returned to Norway in 1945 to assume their positions following the Allied victory. Following the demise of Harald’s father, Olav V, in 1991, Harald V ascended to the throne of Norway.

Since then, he has earned the admiration of his subjects and a reputation as the atypical monarch of Norway. Extremely reserved yet highly effective, he is a monarch to the core while remaining approachable to all. Additionally, he possesses courage in matters of the spirit. The regal tradition was broken when Harald V married for love. Since the now-Queen Sonja was a commoner, she was not permitted to enter. At that time, royals were restricted to matrimonial unions with other royals or, at the very least, nobility.

Norway, similar to the United Kingdom, is a constitutional monarchy, wherein the monarch lacks political authority. Additionally, he reserves any political dissent. King Harald V, on the other hand, is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and religious tolerance. His remarks have consoled the Norwegian people during trying times, including the terrorist attacks that occurred in the country in 2011.

The monarchy remains popular in Norway due to the values and actions of King Harald V, notwithstanding the increasing Republican sentiment that seeks to abolish the institution.

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FAQs on King Harald V’s Day

Today, does Norway have a monarch?

Indeed, Norway retains its monarch. The monarch serves as the symbolic leader of the state in Norway. Elected entities in Norway possess the entirety of legislative and executive authority.

What does the name Harald signify?

‘Harald’ is an Old English and Old Norse term. It translates to “army leader.”

Who was the inaugural Norwegian monarch?

Harald Fairhair consolidated the numerous Norwegian kingships into a unified realm in 1885. Because of this, he is widely regarded as the first Norwegian monarch.

King Harald’s Day celebrations

Commemorate as the Norwegians do!

Embrace the festivities should you happen to be in this picturesque nation. The royal family’s anniversaries are commemorated through the hoisting of flags.

Investigate Norway

Did you realize that skiing was invented in Norway? Or that the nation’s population is the most voracious readership in the world? Today, review some Norway trivia.

Prepare a Norwegian dish

On this day, honor King Harold V by preparing a traditional Norwegian dish. Consider preparing Fårikål, the national cuisine of Norway, which is a stew consisting of lamb and cabbage. Delightful, substantial, and simple to prepare.

Five Norway facts will astound you.

Sami primarily inhabit Norway.

Half of the Sami people inhabit the county of Finnmark in Norway.

The longest road tunnel in the world

The Laerdal Tunnel, measuring 15 miles in length, is the longest in the world.

Symbolism associated with the Sami Parliament

The parliament not only serves to magnify Sami concerns but also takes the form of a “lavvo,” which represents the Sami tent.

Peace Nobel Prize

Since 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has been bestowed in Oslo.

A geographical connection to Russia

The Storskog Crossing is the most northern boundary crossing on the European continent.


Year Date Day
2024 February 21 Wednesday
2025 February 21 Friday
2026 February 21 Saturday
2027 February 21 Sunday
2028 February 21 Monday