London: Former WCW Wrestler Silver King Dies in Ring Due to Heart Attack

London: Former WCW Wrestler Silver King dies in ring due to heart attack

Silver King is also known as Cesar Barron, died from a heart attack while fighting in front of hundreds of fans. The wrestler based out of Mexico collapsed during a match in London on Saturday night.

The heartbreaking incident took place at the Camden Roundhouse Event in London.

The Roundhouse event witness some if the finest Lucha Libre fights (Mexico term for freestyle professional wrestling) when the wrestler suffered heart attack he was fighting against Warrior Youth. Initially, the audience thought that it was part of the storyline in the show. When the medical team rushed and checked the wrestler in the ring, they realized that he was facing a health emergency.

The official team then told the crowd that a sudden incident has occurred without telling them about the heart attack. Following that, the official page of Lucha Libre AAA declared the death of Silver King

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The 51 years old star Cesar Barron was a star in his native Mexico and has also appeared alongside the comic actor Jack Black in the film Nacho Libre, which was released in 2005.

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