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Louis Riel Day 2024 (Canada): Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Louis Reil

Louis Riel Day 2024 is a Canadian holiday honoring the life and contributions of Canadian politician Louis Riel, celebrated on February 19, honoring numerous Canadian landmarks and institutions.

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Louis Riel Day 2024 (Canada) Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Louis Reil

Louis Riel Day 2024 (Canada): Louis Riel Day is a Canadian holiday observed annually on February 19, which occurs on the third Monday of that month. The day is designated with the name of Manitoba’s progenitor. It honors the contributions and eventful life of the Canadian politician Louis Riel. Numerous streets, structures, institutes, public libraries, and residences in Canada have been named in his honor.

As the representative of the Métis community in the Canadian Prairie Provinces, Louis Riel was instrumental in the province of Manitoba’s establishment as a Canadian province. Although Louis Riel Day is enthusiastically observed in Manitoba, it is not a provincial holiday in the remaining territories. Officially, this signifies that while local services, schools, and businesses observe the day off, federal offices remain operational.

An Overview of Louis Riel Day

In observance of Louis Riel Day, the Manitoban people’s heritage is recognized. Family Day is observed on the third Monday of February in several provinces. In 2007, the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba endorsed this holiday, which commenced on February 18 of that same year. Students from Manitoba schools responded to a call for names for this new holiday with concepts that reflected the province’s notable personalities, athletics, culture, history, and artistic expression. Louis Riel Day emerged victorious with his entry.

On this particular day, the Métis community pays tribute to their icon. Riel devoted his entire existence to advocating for the rights and acknowledgment of this indigenous Canadian people. To defend the Métis-inhabited Red River region from European settlers and the federal government, he spearheaded two significant uprisings.

He established the Métis National Committee in the late 1860s to preserve the Métis’ cultural, social, and political heritage. This committee organized the renowned Red River Resistance. In response to the Canadian government’s intention to conquer Métis territory, Louis Riel constituted a militia. By enacting the Manitoba Act, he demanded the formation of a new province on behalf of the Métis. By the conclusion of the conflict, Riel had acquired a reputation that was prone to controversy. Despite being held in high regard by the Métis community, he was classified as a felon by the government.

With the passage of the Manitoba Act in 1870, the new province was officially acknowledged. Riel was, nevertheless, prosecuted for treason against the state and expelled from Parliament. Despite this, Riel continued to provide support for the North-West Rebellion of 1885. As a result, the Canadian government executed him in November 1885.

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FAQs on Louis Riel Day

Louis Riel Day is a provincial holiday in Manitoba, correct?

Yes. In Manitoba, Louis Riel Day is observed as one of eight general holidays that occur annually.

In what fashion do various provinces of Canada observe Louis Riel Day?

Family Day is observed on the third Monday of February in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Ontario. Additionally, Prince Edward Island observes it as Islander Day, and Nova Scotia observes it as Nova Scotia Heritage Day.

What is the purpose of Louis Riel Day?

The day honors the contribution that Louis Riel made to modern-day Canada. It serves as a tribute to his unwavering dedication to the Métis people.

Louis Riel Day 2024 (Canada) Activities

Gain knowledge of the Métis culture

Commemorate the Métis hero by developing personal connections with the individuals whom he valiantly defended. As an afterthought, please visit the Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture.

Travel to Manitoba.

There is no better time for non-Métis non-residents to visit the province founded by the Métis hero, Manitoba. Commemorating this momentous occasion, visit historic sites.

Consider how you can be of assistance to others.

Louis Riel devoted his entire existence to assisting others. Even if your actions do not mirror those of others, you can still contribute in some small way to effect change. Engage in volunteer labor or participate in a community service endeavor.

Five essential details about Louis Reil

His reputation as the Father of Manitoba

Louis Riel is widely regarded as the “Father of Manitoba” due to his leadership of the Métis National Committee, an organization that effectively spearheaded the establishment of Manitoba through its consolidation into a provisional government.

He enjoys the status of a public hero.

Based on public votes, “The Greatest Canadian,” administered by C.B.C., ranks Riel as the eleventh “Greatest Canadian.”

Three times, he was elected to the parliament.

Each instance in which he was expelled was attributable to his prolonged acceptance period.

He experienced mental health complications.

He experienced violent outbursts and psychological breakdowns after his exile.

Regarded as controversial, he

Despite being regarded as their champion by the Métis, he was despised by the European settlers and considered a traitorous troublemaker.


Year Date Day
2024 February 19 Monday
2025 February 17 Monday
2026 February 16 Monday