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Mahesh Bhatt receives death threat for Alia Bhatt and family; lodges complaint

In a shocking incident, Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt received a death threat from an unidentified caller. The caller demanded Rs 50 lakh to be deposited in an account based in Lucknow. Reportedly, the caller has also claimed that if the filmmaker fails to fulfill his demand, his actress daughter Alia Bhatt and wife Soni Razdan will be killed.

A complaint was filed in Juhu Police Station regarding the extortion call received by Bhatt.  The filmmaker also took to Twitter early this morning to express that the extortion attempt was “nipped in the bud”, all thanks to the MP and UP police.

“A bolt from the blue in the form of an extortion call & threat to my family was nipped in the bud by the MH & UP police in tandem.Gratitude!,” he writes.

Reportedly, Bhatt received the threat call on February 26. Initially, it was thought to be a prank call. But then, a bunch of messages and WhatsApp text followed.

The person, who claimed himself to be a gang leader, threatened that if the director failed to pay the amount, he will shot his wife and daughter dead. The development comes 2 years after a group of 13 people was detained in November 2014 for plotting to kill Mahesh Bhatt.

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