Memory loss a problem for young people too, here's why?

Memory loss a problem for young people too, here’s why?

Memory is the most important function our brain holds as it makes us who we are. It is very important for us to recall the past as it is fundamental to our senses, relationships and capacity to imagine the future.

To lose any part of this memory ability creates a problem for us in our daily regime and not only in that but also threatens the notion of what we actually are. Over the age of 50, the biggest health fear seen in the people is Alzheimer’s disease and the loss of personal memory.

Not only the older generation is worried about the memory loss problem but the younger generation is also amongst them. Keeping in view the modern trends, the younger generation while attending any concert is always in a rush of capturing the concert rather than living in the moment.

While the younger generation is relying so much on the technology but there are few studies which have found that using an internet search engine can lead to the poorer recall of information but a recent study has failed to prove it. Researcher says that in such situations it is not that the memory that becomes less effective but the way we use the memory becomes less effective.

The younger generation is too much involved in taking photos and recording moments in their smartphones.  A recent study in respect to that showed that a group pausing to take photos at regular intervals had a poor memory in recalling the moment than the ones who were fully immersed in the experience. Another study said that photos helped people remember what they saw but not what was said. The key factor that remains in both the situation is attention. Taking more of photos may distract someone from the aspect of experience thereby meaning that, less is remembered.

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It’s true that technology is changing the way we use our memory but there is no scientific reason attached to it. No doubt there are other factors that can affect the memory power for a shorter time like poor sleep, stress, depression, alcohol consumption etc.

It is not always that technology can be the cause of worry for the memory problem but how we are using it can be the cause of concern. Instead of making us lazy, browsing the internet can help to gain knowledge but how we are using it in our lifestyle is what matters. If we need sleep and we are still on the internet then that can affect the memory power in a longer time. Internet or technology can lure us sometimes from living the best moments of our lives. So the best way to remember everything is to live in the moment, sleep properly and remain stress-free.

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