Watch: Daughter of Martyr Major Akshay Kumar recollects her father's lessons, salutes Indian Army
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Watch: Daughter of Martyr Major Akshay Kumar recollects her father’s lessons, salutes Indian Army

In a soul stirring video going viral on social media, little daughter of martyred Major Akshay Girish Kumar, recollects her few conversations with her father who taught her the relevance, significance and importance of Indian Army.

In the 51-second clip shot on camera with her mother Sangeeta and share by her grandmother, Naina is seen talking about the important role that the Army plays in the lives of every Indian. She starts every sentence with the words, “Army is…”

“Army is to make us love. Army is to fight with bad uncles. Army is to help us not get afraid. Army is some who does Jai Hind to everyone,” says Naina in the video.

When her mother asks Naina who told her so many things about Army, she said, “My Papa in the old house, next to your friend’s house.

The video ends with Naina saying “Jai Hind”.

Naina’s father, Major Akshay Girish Kumar was martyred in Nagrota, Jammu on November 30, 2016, after terrorists, disguised in police uniforms, attacked an army unit three kilometers away from the corps headquarters. Major Akshay was an officer in the 51 Engineer Regiment.

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