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Mumbai: A man dressed as traffic cop plundered motorist for three months

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Mumbaikars need to beware as a 34- year-old man was arrested Thursday for allegedly posing as a traffic constable at JVPD junction in Juhu. He allegedly took bribes from motorists in different areas of the city for around three months.

After the arrest police identified him as Mohnsin Wazir Sayyed. The police further informed, Sayyed wore a traffic police’s uniform and stood at junctions where no cops were present, to dupe commuters.

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On Thursday, he stood near a bottleneck at JVPD junction, which witnesses frequent traffic jams. He stopped a car at the signal and asked the driver for his license. When the driver, a resident of Juhu, showed him the license and asked what had he done wrong, Sayyed told him that he was had been caught for lane cutting. The driver did not argue and told Sayyed that he would pay the fine.

Sayyed asked him for Rs 300 and took out his slip book to give the driver a receipt. The driver did not have cash and told Sayyed that he would pay through e-challan. Sayyed said the e-challan machines of the Juhu and Bandra divisions were faulty and had to be sent back for replacements. The driver suspected foul play but when Sayyed asked for Rs 100 bribe to settle the matter, he agreed and gave him the money.

Luckily, driver witnessed other constables at next signals with e-challan machines. He confronted one and informed about Sayyad. The constable went to the spot and met Sayyed, who introduced himself as a traffic constable. The constable then went to DN Nagar police station and came back with a police team, who detained Sayyed. He confessed that he was not a police constable.

The DN Nagar police later arrested Sayyed and are still to find out, how Sayyed acquired the traffic police uniform and how many drivers he took money from.