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National Absurdity Day 2023: Activities, History, Dates, and FAQs

Originally conceived as a philosophical movement known as absurdism, this commemorated calendar event has evolved into a time when individuals are free to indulge in the most absurd desires.

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National Absurdity Day 2023 Activities, History, Dates, and FAQs

National Absurdity Day 2023: On November 20, which occurs on the eve of winter, National Absurdity Day is an excellent method to brighten a gloomy day. Originally conceived as a philosophical movement known as absurdism, this commemorated calendar event has evolved into a time when individuals are free to indulge in the most absurd desires. It is an occasion to replace tedious social conventions and standards with whimsical and unrestrained thoughts, expressions, and behaviors. While standing on your hands, preside over a meeting, juggle eggs in the municipal park, or apply pink dye to your eyebrows. This holiday is without limit in its bizarreness!

National Absurdity Day History

The genuine philosophy of absurdism originated in the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard’s mind during the nineteenth century. Its premise is that in a universe devoid of meaning, all humans are in quest of significance. This philosophy acquired prominence over time and served as the foundation for a literary and theatrical movement in both North America and Europe.

During the 1950s and 1960s, during the height of artistic movements such as Surrealism and the Theater of the Absurd, an entire literary genre based on nonsequitur behaviors and otherworldly narratives emerged. “Waiting for Godot,” one of the works from this era, is entirely centered on a pair of characters who wait at a tree for the arrival of their friend Godot, whom we never encounter.

The relevance of the origins of National Absurdity Day to the topic at hand is evident. They are completely obscure. We like to conceptualize this day as a chance to experiment for a few hours with a novel and liberating philosophy in our speech and behavior, simply to experience what it is like to detach from the structure and routine of everyday existence.

Determining absurdism can be challenging due to its intrinsic anti-establishment and anti-order nature. Accepting absurdity merely necessitates a direct disregard for the implicit norms that we habitually conform to on a daily basis, including our attire, speech, and seating arrangements in public spaces.

Today, elementary schools are the primary venues for National Absurdity Day celebrations. This is one of the few locations where individuals can wholeheartedly embrace the daily significance without incurring substantial repercussions; this is considerably more challenging for professionals.

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FAQs for National Absurdity Day

Is the practice of preposterous behavior secure?

On National Absurdity Day, it is prudent to restrict celebrations to one’s personal life, residence, and corporeal self. Unless another person has consented to partake in your celebration (for instance, in a food fight), ensure that your foolishness does not negatively impact the day of anyone else, and you will be entirely exempt.

Describe Blase’s Day.

The 25th of November is annually observed as Blase’s Day. This exceptional observance enables us to be blasé’ with regard to virtually anything. Derived from French, it signifies apathy or boredom with life, lacking enthusiasm, as if caused by an overabundance of materialistic gratifications.

Where can I acquire further insights into the philosophical underpinnings of absurdism?

To ascertain the origins of these concepts, one may inquire at the philosophy department of their local library. Although Kierkegaard’s works may be somewhat daunting to read, one may always consult summaries or skim Camus’ Myth of Sisyphus. Everything is very fascinating!

Guidelines for Observing National Absurdity Day

For the day, relinquish one of your five senses.

One potential strategy for gaining a fresh outlook on the mundane nature of daily activities is to abstain from using one of the five senses for an entire day. Regardless of whether you choose to conceal your face with noise-canceling headphones, plug your nostrils, or close your eyes, you are certain to find the unintentional antics that ensue to be hilarious.

Conduct a culinary battle.

The stipulation that food should not be manipulated was ingrained in the majority of us during our formative years. To commemorate nonsensical matters, organize a food battle with family and friends. Obtain everything of high quality, from Jell-O to mayonnaise. Take pleasure in getting soiled and playfully manipulating your food.

Permit a toddler or pet to administer the injections.

Rather than imposing adult-level reasoning and strategies, delegate the authority to make decisions to your infant or toddler. Follow their lead for the duration of the day. Is your dog interested in excavating a trench in the yard? Cooperate in digging with him! Is it possible for your toddler to destroy every roll of toilet paper in the house? Construct snowmen using the discarded tissue.


Year Date Day
2023 November 20 Monday
2024 November 20 Wednesday
2025 November 20 Thursday
2026 November 20 Friday
2027 November 20 Saturday