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National Author’s Day 2023: FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts About Writers

A book is comparable to a substance that is used to evade the stresses of life, albeit temporarily.

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National Author's Day 2023 FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts About Writers

National Author’s Day 2023: Almost everyone possesses at least one book that they cannot put down, and this holiday provides an opportunity to honor the ingenious minds that brought them to life. A book is comparable to a substance that is used to evade the stresses of life, albeit temporarily. On November 1, indulge in a leisurely reading session with your favorite book and a warm beverage to celebrate National Authors Day. To develop an appreciation for the writers who inspire us, one must comprehend the amount of effort, blood, perspiration, and tears that go into putting ideas onto paper. Books of all genres—fiction, fantasy, and biographies—have a significant impact on our lives, and their authors deserve recognition. Embrace the author or authors who devoted countless hours to composing your beloved works of literature today.

The History of National Authors Day

Michel Foucault, a renowned French philosopher, once posed the question, “What is an author?” The notion of authorship, which involves attributing the work to a specific individual, significantly influences the reader’s interpretation, according to his argument. Subsequently, philosophical debates ensued, but the fundamental truth remains that authors are, in essence, creators.

They are, in essence, the authors of textbooks, novels, poems, graphic novels, and an immense amount more. From the 1500s, when William Shakespeare, arguably the most renowned author (or rather, a group of authors operating under one pen name), captivated and satirized royalty and commoners in ways that continue to resonate, to the present day, when J.K. Rowling and Stephen King can conjure up worlds and landscapes that are both fantastical and horrifying, allowing us to reflect and gain insight into our own more mundane realities.

Authors have always had the ability to educate, entertain, and affect us, regardless of the era or country in which they originated; even old, blind Homer could recite “Odyssey” without even writing it down.

This brings us back to the question Foucault posed. Homer never authored a single word. His poems were recited audibly to anyone who would listen, and as his following grew, they were inspired to commit his words to paper. Yet history has neglected the writers and gifted us Homer as the author of the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey”.

What then, is an author? It is a person, historically and permanently, whose words have an impact on their listeners. Scholars engage in extensive research and, frequently, dedicate years to refining the content that ultimately reaches readers. Decades were spent composing, editing, refining, and rewriting these enthralling tales. They are deserving of our gratitude in its entirety.

Nellie Verne Burt McPherson, the president of the Illinois Women’s Club in 1928, conceived the notion of establishing a day to honor American authors. She was a devoted reader and an accomplished educator. Her hospitalization during the First World War provided the impetus for the holiday. She wrote him a letter professing her admiration for “Eben Holden’s Last Day A-Fishing” by Irving Bacheller, which she had recently finished reading.

He replied to her letter by sending her a copy of another signed story that he had written. McPherson, profoundly moved by his benevolence, devised a strategy to reciprocate the action. Having reached this conclusion, she proceeded to propose the concept of a National Day for Authors to the Generation Federation of Women’s Clubs. In May 1929, the society granted its approval by issuing an endorsement to observe National Author’s Day in honor of American authors.

In 1949, the Department of Commerce of the United States certified National Author’s Day. Twenty years later, McPherson’s vision materialized, and ever since then, the holiday has been observed annually throughout the nation.

Sue Cole, the granddaughter of McPherson, assumed the role of holiday promotion following the demise of her grandmother in 1968. She encourages individuals to express gratitude to their preferred authors through letters of appreciation in recognition of their efforts to simplify existence. The intention is to honor everyone who has made a contribution to American literature.

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FAQs for National Authors Day

What day does National Author’s Day fall on?

November 1 is National Author’s Day, which coincides with NaNoWriMo.

May I be a National Author’s Day winner?

While not an officially sanctioned competition, we maintain the belief that all writers are winners on National Author’s Day.

National Novel Writing Month occurs on what date?

November is National Novel Writing Month annually.

Must every writer have an agent?

Contrarily, they do not. However, in order for a traditional publishing house to publish your book, a literary agent might be necessary.

How does one become a published author?

The author inks a contract with a traditional book publisher, which prints, distributes, and retails the books via booksellers and retailers. The publisher acquires the book’s rights and remunerates the author with royalties derived from the sales of the book.

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

In order to justify the vote for independence, Congress commissioned the Declaration of Independence. The governing committee was composed of five individuals, with Thomas Jefferson serving as its primary author.

Participation in National Authors Day Activities

Today, tweet about your preferred author.

A great deal more interaction between authors and consumers is possible due to social media. Express to your beloved authors via Twitter that they have influenced you in some way. Or, publish an online list of your favorite novels. It could be to support an aspiring author or to promote a specific book that you adore. (Be sure to include the hashtag #NationalAuthorsDay in your posts.)

Purchase a book for yourself or a friend as a gift.

Visit a nearby bookstore in order to purchase a book. Authors whom you admire should be supported by purchasing their works. Admire the work of your preferred author while giving to a friend. Additionally, be careful to post a positive review on Amazon.

Devote some time to your inner author.

Why not devote an hour to composing a poem, narrative, or account of a recent experience? Inspiring oneself to write is arguably the most profound way to demonstrate reverence towards an author.

Five facts about writers that are certain to astound you

Could you locate Ernest?

Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West, Florida, annually conducts a three-day Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest; the author once called that area home.

Vigorous warm-up regimens

J.D. Salinger, according to the memoir of his daughter, frequently engaged in tongue-speaking and ingested his own urine.

Indistinct lines

Stephen King cannot recall penning the novel “Cujo” because his drug and alcohol dependency during the 1980s was so severe.

An initial chorus

Before embarking on a writing career, Dan Brown attempted his hand at music as a solo pop performer.

A period of silence

Five years after tragic childhood events culminated in the death of her mother’s lover, Maya Angelou abstained from speaking because she believed her words were to blame.


Year Date Day
2023 November 1 Wednesday
2024 November 1 Friday
2025 November 1 Saturday
2026 November 1 Sunday
2027 November 1 Monday