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Kerala Foundation Day 2023: Date, History, Celebration, Wishes, and More

This day commemorates the unification of Malayalam-speaking regions into a single state.

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Kerala Foundation Day 2023: Kerala, also known as “God’s own country,” embraces itself with beaches and hill stations that showcase the state’s natural splendor. From spice plantations and coffee to waterfalls, lakes, and wildlife sanctuaries, Kerala’s numerous awe-inspiring attractions will quickly captivate you and wash away all your concerns. Kerala Day is observed on November 1 to commemorate the establishment of Kerala as a state. It is also known as Kerala Piravi, after the Malayalam word “piravi” which signifies birth. Therefore, Kerala Piravi literally implies the birth of Kerala. This day commemorates the unification of Malayalam-speaking regions into a single state.

Kerala Foundation Day Historical Significance

On November 1, 1956, nearly a decade after India’s independence, three Malayalam-speaking regions merged to form the state of Kerala.

Malabar, Cochin, and Travancore were distinct regions prior to the unification of Kerala. Travancore and Cochin merged on July 1, 1949, to create Travancore-Cochin following independence.

The history of Kerala is a fascinating tapestry of diverse cultures and influences. The region has witnessed the rise and decline of numerous dynasties, such as the Cheras, Cholas, and Zamorins, as well as foreign influences such as the Dutch, Portuguese, and British. These influences have shaped the architecture, cuisine, and traditions of the state. Kerala Foundation Day is a time to recognise the diverse influences that have influenced the state’s distinctive character.

Under the States Reorganisation Act, Travancore-Cochin merged with Malabar and the Kasargod taluk of South Canara on November 1, 1956, to create Kerala. This day’s anniversary is celebrated as Kerala Day.

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Kerala Foundation Day 2023 Celebrations

Kerala Day is celebrated throughout the state. On this day, people don traditional attire, which for women consists of kasavu sarees and for men, the mundu.

Women don Kerala saris and Settu Mundus on this day, while men wear dhotis and shirts.

Educational institutions host Malayala Bhasha Vaarams, or language-based competitions, to promote Kerala’s culture and heritage through discussions, performances, plays, and quizzes.

Educational institutions host Malayala Bhasha Vaarams, or language competitions, to promote the culture and linguistic identity of the state.

As we commemorate Kerala Foundation Day, it is crucial to acknowledge the state’s accomplishments and difficulties. While Kerala has made significant strides in a number of sectors, it still confronts challenges such as population growth, environmental degradation, and the need for continued economic development. It is commendable that the state is committed to sustainable development and cultural preservation, but this is a journey that requires continuous attention and effort.

In addition, the President’s Trophy Boat Race is conducted annually in Kollam on November 1 to commemorate Kerala Day. The president, who also presents the trophy and Rs 10 lakh in cash, watches this well-known serpent boat race.

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About Kerala

With its Western Ghats, Arabian Sea coastline, and network of rivers and channels, Kerala is one of India’s most picturesque destinations. Kerala Foundation Day functions as a reminder of the need to preserve the state’s natural beauty for future generations.

Kerala’s backwaters are among the state’s most popular attractions. These complex networks of canals, lagoons, and lakes provide a tranquil and immersive experience. Traditional houseboats or ‘kettuvallams’ meander through the backwaters, allowing tourists to appreciate the picturesque scenery and sample the local cuisine and culture. This demonstrates Kerala’s dedication to sustainable tourism, which is deeply rooted in its history.

Kathakali, Kerala’s traditional dance, is one of the state’s most recognisable features. This intricate dance-drama combines storytelling, music, and colourful costumes to depict Indian epics. Kathakali is an integral part of the state’s cultural heritage, and performances of this art form are frequently featured at Kerala Foundation Day celebrations.

Kerala is also well-known for its festivals, with Onam being among the most important. Onam is a harvest celebration that honours the legendary return of King Mahabali. Extensive floral decorations, traditional activities, boat races, and a feast called “Onam Sadya” set the festival apart. This magnificent festival serves as a reminder of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage and the significance of preserving its traditions.

In recent years, Kerala’s healthcare and education systems have acquired global recognition. The state has a high rate of literacy and an abundance of prestigious educational institutions. In addition, the healthcare industry, often referred to as “Kerala’s Model,” has made significant advances in providing its residents with high-quality medical care.

The state of Kerala’s dedication to environmental preservation is also noteworthy. Contributing to the preservation of its natural resources, the government has actively promoted sustainable practises and ecotourism. The diversity of flora and fauna in the state’s forests, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks make it a biodiversity hotspot.

Interesting Facts About Kerala

  • There are fourteen districts, and the capital is Thiruvananthapuram
  • The state was created after the States Reorganisation Act of 1956 was passed. This act distinguished it from the Travancore-Cochin state and Madras Presidency merger.
  • The length of the state is 560 kilometres, and its breadth is 120 kilometres.
  • The province is also referred to as God’s Country. This is due to its backwaters and breathtaking coastlines.
  • The most widely spoken language is Malay. Other languages spoken include Tamil and others.
  • The national animal is the Indian Elephant.
  • The state has the greatest rate of literacy among Indian states.
  • This state is the first to receive monsoon precipitation annually.
  • This is India’s twenty-first greatest state in terms of land area.

Kerala Foundation Day 2023 Wishes

  1. May the unique culture and heritage of Kerala continue to flourish.
  2. A prosperous future replete with growth and development is wished for Kerala.
  3. Happy Foundation Day to the land of tranquil backwaters and verdant vegetation!
  4. May the people of Kerala continually find unity and harmony in their differences.
  5. Cheers to honouring the variety of languages, religions, and customs in Kerala!
  6. May the beauty and allure of Kerala capture the souls of people everywhere.
  7. I wish Kerala continued success in a variety of disciplines, including education and healthcare.
  8. Happy Statehood Day to a state renowned for its delectable cuisine!
  9. May the natural grandeur of Kerala be preserved for future generations.
  10. Here’s to the culturally enriching artists, writers, and intellectuals of Kerala.
  11. Let’s applaud the fortitude and resilience of the people of Kerala.
  12. May Kerala forever represent progress and social equity.
  13. Happy Foundation Day to the country of Ayurveda and holistic medicine.
  14. Here’s to a future in which Kerala is a leader in eco-friendly and sustainable practises.
  15. May Kerala Foundation Day be replete with happiness, prosperity, and optimism for a better tomorrow.


Is it the sixty-sixth Kerala Piravi?

A. On November 1, 2023, the 67th Kerala Piravi will be held.

What does the English moniker for Kerala Piravi sound like?

A. Kerala Piravi translates to the birth of Kerala or Kerala State Formation Day in English.

What is the most ancient term for Kerala?

A. The appellation Cheras (Keralaputra) was given to Kerala by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka in the third century BCE.

What exactly is the significance of Kerala Piravi Day?

A. Kerala Piravi or Kerala Day is observed to honour the establishment of Kerala.