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National Chianti Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, Facts

The company's wine portfolio is comprised of various, high-quality wineries, all of which are located in Italy's premier wine regions.

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National Chianti Day 2023

National Chianti Day 2023: National Chianti Day occurs on the first Friday of September, which will be September 1 this year. Santa Margherita U.S.A. established the day in honour of the cherished Chianti Classico wines, which have become a traditional symbol of the Tuscany and Chianti Classico regions of Italy.

The Santa Margherita ‘Chianti Classico Riserva’ and its other wine varieties are so distinctive due to the meticulous production process. Chianti Classico wines obtained from a single vineyard named ‘Salcentino’ in one of Italy’s most renowned regions have a dry, rich, and distinctive aroma that is indicative of their unique flavour.

National Chianti Day 2023: HISTORY

Since the early 1700s, vineyards have existed in the Chianti region of Tuscany, which is renowned for manufacturing fine wines. Chianti Classico, one of Tuscany’s finest wines, retains the same name. Over the centuries, the Chianti region of Tuscany has expanded to cover a significant portion of the region. Chianti is the most basic wine produced in the region; it originates from the region’s outskirts and contains fewer grapes.

Chianti Riserva is aged longer, potentially in both bottle and wood, and is typically produced from the producer’s best grapes. The preponderance of the finest grapes are grown in a much smaller, central inner area, where Chianti Classico wines are produced.

These generally richer and more complex wines match well with a wide variety of exciting and complex dishes, such as chicken dishes braised in rich tomato sauces. And because Chianti Classico is the genuine taste of Tuscany and the purest representation of the region, the wines naturally complement Italian cuisine.

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Cook food with wine.

The subtle acidity of Chianti Classico makes it an excellent condiment that can enhance the flavour of any dish. Explore all the ways in which this Italian wine can complement your meals.

Take a drink with your pals.

A bottle of Chianti enhances the atmosphere of any evening engagement or casual gathering. It is also an ideal wine choice for commemorating special occasions and can be given as a gift.

Participate in wine tastings

National Chianti Day provides the ideal opportunity for wine enthusiasts to communicate with other wine enthusiasts. Attend wine sampling events in your area, and you can have a good time attempting to distinguish the various Chianti flavours.

National Chianti Day 2023: FACTS

  • Santa Margherita U.S.A. administers and collaborates with premium wine estates nationwide.
  • The company’s wine portfolio is comprised of various, high-quality wineries, all of which are located in Italy’s premier wine regions.
  • The USS Santa Margherita.A parent corporation comprises ten distinct estates in the most prestigious wine-producing regions of Italy.
  • In 1935, Count Gaetano Marzotto established the Santa Margherita Wine Group.
  • Santa Margherita U.S.A. has a global presence in 96 nations.


Year Date Day
2022 September 2 Friday
2023 September 1 Friday
2024 September 6 Friday
2025 September 5 Friday
2026 September 4 Friday