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National Keaton Day 2024: Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts

National Keaton Day 2024 honors Michael and Diane Keaton, a renowned actor and surname originating from the Old English county of Ketton, meaning "place of hawks."

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National Keaton Day 2024 Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About The Name Keaton
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National Keaton Day 2024: National Keaton Day is observed on April 15 each year. Two renowned actors, Michael and Diane Keaton, were likely the first individuals who came to mind for anyone similar to ourselves. Nonetheless, their number within the extended Keaton family is merely two. Keaton is not limited to a given name; it is also occasionally employed as a surname. Its name is believed to have originated in the landlocked Old English county of Ketton, from which it derives its name, “place of hawks.”

National Keaton Day History

Old English settlement—what rhymes similar to Keaton minus the letter ‘a’? Rutland’s Ketton County is the origin of this family’s history. The renowned actors Michael and Diane Keaton share the surname Keaton, but Keaton can also be a given name, as professional Canadian ice hockey player Keaton Ellerby demonstrates. Having a distinct meaning for both newborn boys and girls, this name is gender-neutral.

The appellation Keaton has a lengthy historical association with Ketton County. It is singular in that it is derived from Rutland, one of the few surnames to do so. It is supposed that the name represents a “place of hawks” in Old English. Nevertheless, this remains partially unverified. Based on multiple interpretations, the definition of “Keaton” is “shed town.”

Landlocked and a city-parish, Ketton is situated in the English county of Rutland. In addition, it is the fourth-largest settlement in the county. The etymology of its name and the surname it initially generated are both unknown. Scholars have determined that its probable place of origin was the River Charter of Ceta. A long line of Keaton progenitors, cement manufacturing, and limestone quarries are all sources of community pride.

Keaton first appeared and was identified as a surname in Leicestershire, England, with the initial mention of Robert of Ketton, who translated the Qur’an into Latin (now anglicized as Keaton), as one of the earliest references.

While contemporary spelling conventions for the name may be limited in number, the era prior to the standardization of English spelling was rife with them. It was also known as Keeton, Ketton, Keton, Katyn, and numerous other names.

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FAQs on National Keaton Day

Is this the sole occasion that honors Buster Keaton?

Despite Buster Keaton’s prominence as an individual bearing the Keaton surname, National Keaton Day was established to honor all those bearing this surname, not just Keaton himself. Buster Keaton Day is a distinct holiday observed annually on June 16 to pay homage to the actor and his vocation.

Does Michael Keaton identify as Irish?

While his father was of Scottish, Scotch-Irish, German, and English ancestry, his mother was of Irish descent.

Do any females go by the moniker Keaton?

While the name Keaton can be applied to both boys and girls, it is predominantly applied to boys. As of 2020, 19 of the 383 newborns given the name Keaton were female. Keaton could be an excellent option if you are in search of a unique and gender-neutral substitute for your daughter.

Participation in National Keaton Day Activities

Watch a film starring Keaton

Although the surname Keaton is well-known, you may have seen other performers with the same name on screen. Watching these films, whether you’re retrospecting decades or not, shows respect for these amazing actors. Watch these movies online.

Message an acquaintance

If your friends’ given, last, or even maiden name is Keaton, extend a heartfelt National Keaton Day greeting to them over the phone. You may extend your generosity even further by extending a complimentary meal or communicating with them via message. Request that your loved ones and acquaintances reach out to any Keatons they may be acquainted with in order to initiate a celebratory chain reaction.

Identify the kinship tree

The Keaton family tree is a lengthy historical one, and interested parties can access thousands of archives online to assist them in tracing this lineage as far back as possible. If you are descended from Keatons, wouldn’t it be fascinating to discover your ancestral lineage? Already in our favor is the initial record of the surname Robert of Ketton, which signifies its inception.

Five fascinating facts concerning the name Keaton

Not at the very summit of the rankings

Keaton is ranked 2,961st among the most frequently used names in America.

Keaton Michael is not a Keaton.

Michael Douglas, the original name of the renowned actor Micheal Keaton, had to be changed to prevent confusion with the name of the actor who dominated at the time, Micheal Douglas.

Diane, too, did not began as a Keaton.

Diane Keaton was formerly known as Diane Hall until she changed her given name to that of her mother, as the former version had already been accepted into the ‘Actors Guild.’

Census documents

More than 25,000 census records bearing the surname Keaton are accessible.

A trend advisory

Keaton debuted on the U.S. naming rankings in 1985, alongside names such as Keegan and Kelsey, as a result of the trend of using last names as first names.


Year Date Day
2024 April 15 Monday
2025 April 15 Tuesday
2026 April 15 Wednesday
2027 April 15 Thursday
2028 April 15 Saturday