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National Lost Dog Awareness Day 2024 (US): History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts

National Lost Dog Awareness Day 2024, established by directors of Lost Canines Illinois, Wisconsin, and Texas, aims to prevent permanent dog loss by assisting organizations in locating and returning lost canines.

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National Lost Dog Awareness Day 2024 (US) History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts About Missing Dogs
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National Lost Dog Awareness Day 2024 (US): National Lost Dogs Awareness Day, which takes place on April 23, facilitates the achievement of preventing the permanent loss of a missing dog. This day was established to assist organizations that are dedicated to locating lost canines and returning those that have strayed too far to their concerned families. It was founded by the directors of Lost canines Illinois, Wisconsin, and Texas, who, since 2014, have assisted lost canines in returning home.

National Lost Dog Awareness Day History

Due to the fact that our pets are companions and allies, they merit protection. Despite their playful and devoted nature, our canines are equally inquisitive, and their escapades occasionally cause them to stray too far from the house.

A lost pet occurs in the United States every two seconds, and one-third of all dogs are reported missing at least once in their tenure. Eighty percent of those missing pets, according to some research, are never reunited with their families; the majority are placed in shelters where they are ultimately euthanized.

There exist various strategies to safeguard your dog against becoming lost and to ensure their safe return home in the event that they do become separated. Some of these include ensuring that your dog is always on a leash when outside and that your property is fenced in. It is advisable to microchip and tag one’s companion, in addition to maintaining up-to-date records that include current contact information and address. If your companion has become missing, there are numerous organizations whose exclusive purpose is to locate and return misplaced animals. The Lost Dogs of America, who are also credited with establishing this day, are one of them.

The mission of The missing Dogs of America since its inception in 2011 has been to reunite missing canines with their families. Kathy Pobloskie, the director of Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, Susan Taney, Marilyn Knapp Litt of Lost Dogs Texas, and Susan Taney, the director of Lost Dogs Illinois, collaborated in 2014 to establish National Lost Dogs Awareness Day. Since then, thousands of canines have been aided in locating their homes.

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FAQs for National Lost Dog Awareness Day

Do police investigate missing canines?

The local police department can assist in the search for your lost companion. If you lodge a complaint with them, they will remain vigilant for any stray canines that match the details you have provided.

National Lost Dogs Awareness Day was established by whom?

National Lost Dogs Awareness Day was established in 2014 by the administrators of Lost Dogs Illinois, Wisconsin, and Texas, Susan Taney, Kathy Pobloskie, and Marilyn Knapp Litt, respectively.

What is the count of reunited lost canines with their families?

The proportion of missing pets that are successfully reunited with their families is minimal. 15% to 20% of missing canines are reunited with their owners on average.

How to Observe National Awareness Day for Lost Dogs

Implant a microchip in your companion.

Tracking devices known as microchips are affixed to the collar or tag of canines. These identifying devices facilitate the search for your lost dog in the event that they become lost.

Revision of your dog’s documents

Recent pet records enhance the likelihood that an animal will be discovered. It is critical that you update this information to ensure the safe return of your companion.

Assist in locating a missing dog

A dog goes AWOL once every three years. Have you observed fliers in your neighborhood advertising a lost dog or other animal? Spread the word about the importance of reuniting canines with their owners, or consider contacting the affected family or the Lost Dogs of America for assistance.

Five surprising facts you should know about missing pets

They are considerably more prevalent than one might anticipate.

A third of all animals have an unaccounted-for lifetime.

They constitute the preponderance in shelters.

Equally as many animals that are surrendered to shelters are strays.

Only a minority of them are returned.

A mere 2% of cats and 15% to 20% of canines are reunited with their families.

The majority wander outside the community.

An estimated 49% of lost canines and 30% of lost felines are located in their original community.

A considerable quantity of creatures are ultimately pilfered.

Millions of canines and felines are abducted without authorization each year.


Year Date Day
2024 April 23 Tuesday
2025 April 23 Wednesday
2026 April 23 Thursday
2027 April 23 Friday
2028 April 23 Sunday