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National English Muffin Day 2024 (US): FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts

National English Muffin Day 2024 (US) celebrates the world's most popular breakfast delicacy, a compact, round loaf of bread measuring 1.5 inches tall and four inches in diameter.

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National English Muffin Day 2024 (US) FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts About English muffin
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National English Muffin Day 2024 (US): National English Muffin Day, observed annually on April 23, draws attention to one of the world’s most popular breakfast delicacies. It is a compact, round loaf of bread that is approximately 1.5 inches tall and four inches in diameter.

The addition of yeast to the dough facilitates the expansion of the mini bread. Typically, it is divided horizontally and browned on both sides prior to being served. People from all over the world utilize them as a foundation for virtually any food item, which is typically some type of breakfast food, due to their remarkable versatility.

National English Muffin Day History

The English muffin, colloquially referred to as a muffin in the United Kingdom, is said to have originated in Wales around 900 A.D. The English muffin, an offshoot of the tea-flavored dough mix Bara brith bread, was and continues to be a prevalent and inexpensively produced culinary item. It has rapidly gained popularity among the populace.

Samuel Bath Thomas established his patisserie in New York City in 1880. In 1875, he departed London from Plymouth, England. Baking the delectable breakfast sides in accordance with his mother’s recipe, he subsequently distributed them to hotels and grocery stores. Since the nineteenth century, when production and demand for the English muffin increased, it became colloquially referred to as the American Muffin, despite the fact that the only distinction between the two pastries is their nomenclature. During the 1990s, the English muffin gained immense popularity, and individuals from all over the world began to manufacture and produce their own.

There is considerable contention regarding the culpability of the baked delicacy, with some contending that the English muffin is an entirely non-British baked product. Historically, Thomas was an immigrant who adapted his mother’s muffin recipe. However, it was not until he began preparing them in the United States that the term ‘English muffin’ was officially adopted. Some contend that the English were not acquainted with the muffin until 1990, when Thomas’ English muffins were imported from the United States to the United Kingdom.

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FAQs for National English Muffin Day

May I consume an English muffin for supper?

Indeed, English muffins, despite their immense popularity as a breakfast dish, possess remarkable versatility and flavor, rendering them an ideal complement to any meal, at any moment.

Where might I locate them?

The widespread appeal of English muffins would encourage the majority of grocery stores to stock them. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining them from a nearby patisserie or supermarket, attempt to make them yourself. Online, there are numerous recipes.

Do American pastries and this item correspond?

Indeed, they are identical. Because Americans were the first to name their “muffins” in English, both the United Kingdom and the United States refer to them as muffins.

Activities on National English Muffin Day

Host a breakfast gathering

Entice family and friends to your residence for a delightful breakfast celebration. They deliver and prepare any fillings they desire, in addition to supplying the English muffins.

Delight your colleagues

Bring along a sufficient quantity of toasted English muffins for your workplace. A small amount of jam and butter is another delicious way to savor them.

Delight in a delicious breakfast.

Indulge yourself by procuring your preferred breakfast ingredients, meticulously preparing them all, and adorningly incorporating them into an English muffin. Take pleasure in.

Five English muffin facts

Everybody adores them.

In 2020, 171.77 million English muffins were consumed exclusively in the United States.

They are present everywhere.

English muffins have been a globally renowned delicacy since the mid-1950s, being relished in nearly every major metropolitan area.

More comparable to crumpets than muffins.

Both the English muffin and its manufacturing procedure depart from the crumpet, which is the closest baked relative.

McDonald’s expands internationally

McDonalds introduced the ‘McMuffin,’ one of its signature breakfast products, in 1972, using an English muffin as its delivery vehicle.

English muffins are nutritious.

Although maintaining a healthy diet should revolve around moderation, whole wheat English muffins offer a reduced caloric content and a substantial fiber content.


Year Date Day
2024 April 23 Tuesday
2025 April 23 Wednesday
2026 April 23 Thursday
2027 April 23 Friday
2028 April 23 Sunday


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