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National Pet Parents Day 2023: Date, History, Activities and Facts

We concur that it's unfair that pet parents don't get to celebrate Mother's- and Father's Days, but have no fear: there's a whole other holiday just for you! It's the perfect time to buy your companion a new toy, take them to the dog park, or spend the day giving them a checkup and grooming

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National Pet Parents Day 2023: Date, History, Activities and Facts

National Pet Parents Day 2023: Veterinary Pet Insurance recognised National Pet Parents Day on April 30 (the last Sunday in April) as a means to honour responsible pet parents and their furry children. We concur that it’s unfair that pet parents don’t get to celebrate Mother’s- and Father’s Days, but have no fear: there’s a whole other holiday just for you! It’s the perfect time to buy your companion a new toy, take them to the dog park, or spend the day giving them a checkup and grooming to ensure their health and happiness.


Pet owners have been around nearly as long as our species. Wolves were the earliest domesticated animals, around 10,000 BCE. Early humans discovered that wolf pups that had been separated from their mothers and trained made excellent companions, thus giving rise to selective breeding and pet ownership. While some cultures appreciated the companionship of canines, others favoured cats and even revered and considered them spiritual.

As humans transitioned from hunting and gathering to cultivation around 6000 BCE, there was another increase in pet ownership. During this time period, there is evidence of working dogs coexisting with other domesticated animals on farms, while cats captured rodents and coexisted symbiotically with the other animals. The end of our hunter-gatherer nomadism was a significant step forward for the practise of pet ownership, even though it was not precisely as we know it today.

The earliest evidence of canines as fashionable companions dates back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Noble gentlemen found dogs useful for hunting, falcons were kept as pets, and women came to enjoy keeping lapdogs inside their homes. In this era, canines became a status symbol in addition to their utilitarian value.

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The Victorian era was comparable to the thirteenth century in terms of companion ownership. Pets were a prestige symbol for wealthy lords and ladies who took them on hunting expeditions and kept them on their laps while reading. Some consider the 1800s to be the beginning of modern pet ownership, as it was not until then that pet ownership spread beyond the upper classes. During this period, pet ownership became a symbol of man’s dominance over nature.

Today, it is nearly impossible to locate someone who does not own a pet; so many of us are pet owners! 57% of U.S. households have at least one companion in 2019, according to the companion Ownership Statistics by Wise Voter. That’s roughly 85 million households. People in the modern era frequently have pets for reasons other than companionship, including emotional support, assistance with disabilities, and rehabilitation! Some popular pets have appeared in films and television programmes and are widely adored. Possession of a pet has come a long way!


Today, show your pet some extra affection.

Give some extra affection to the companion that made you a pet owner. Whether you bake homemade treats from scratch, buy them a new toy or treat, or give them a new bandana, your pet should feel particularly pampered today to show them how much you care!

Post your pet-parent pride!

Every pet owner is proud of his or her companion, sometimes to the point where it is the only thing they share on social media. When your profile picture is replaced by a close-up of your cat Snowball, you know you’re a true pet parent. Share with your connections a photo of your pet savouring a treat or looking slick in a new collar.

Examine your companion and groom it.

In addition to lavishing your pet with treats and goodies, it is essential to be a responsible pet parent and maintain the health of your furry child. This could include a new haircut, a bath, a trip to the veterinarian to ensure all is well, or anything else they may require! The best pet owners pay attention to their pets’ demands and strive to meet them.

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Dogs adore attention… perhaps too much?

Some canines have been observed to pretend to be ill in order to receive more attention from their owners.

Pet owners spend billions

In 2015, pet owners spent more than $60 billion, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Pets are immune to pandemics

In April 2020, there was a 335% increase in Google queries for ‘adopt a pet’; this indicates that since the start of the pandemic, many more people were interested in adopting pets.

Pets are excellent snugglers

73% of dog owners and 81% of cat owners share their beds with their pets, according to a survey.

There are countless pet owners.

According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association in 2015–2016, there are over 80 million pet-owning households in the United States, and this figure is expected to have increased.


It acknowledges their efforts

Although it is not identical to rearing a human child, caring for a furry baby requires a great deal of care and attention. Always and forever, pet owners are liable for their pet’s physical and mental health. That’s a lot of weight! Pet owners deserve extra appreciation for their efforts.

It is an additional incentive to adore your pet.

National companion Parents Day is a wonderful opportunity to show your companion some extra affection. Treat Muffin to a new cat toy or give Fido a bone they are, after all, the reason you’re celebrating.

It’s an opportunity to share companion photos!

After getting a dog, it is difficult to post anything else on social media. Pet carers are so devoted to their furry children that their online presence is dominated by their pets. National Pet Parents Day is the ideal opportunity to display Rufus’s new bandana once more.


Year Date Day
2022 April 24 Sunday
2023 April 30 Sunday
2024 April 28 Sunday
2025 April 27 Sunday
2026 April 26 Sunday