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National Saddle Hunting Day 2023: History, Activities, Dates, FAQs, and Facts

Its purpose is to unite all saddle hunters in a salute to the exhilaration of deer hunting from a tree saddle.

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National Saddle Hunting Day 2023 History, Activities, Dates, FAQs, and Facts About Hunting

National Saddle Hunting Day 2023: National Saddle Hunting Day is observed on November 11 this year, which falls on the second Saturday of November. Its purpose is to unite all saddle hunters in a salute to the exhilaration of deer hunting from a tree saddle. The holiday fosters a sense of unity and community. Additionally, hunting enthusiasts adore it, particularly novices. Additionally, this day presents an uncommon but invaluable opportunity to sit with seasoned hunters and receive advice that will significantly enhance your hunting abilities.

National Saddle Hunting Day History

Despite what you may believe, equestrian hunting is not a novel concept. In reality, the hunting method has been in existence for at least the past three decades. However, it wasn’t until recent years that saddle hunting gained prominence as one of the most popular and secure methods of deer hunting. Throughout the nation, its prevalence among mobile deer hunters has approached cult-like proportions.

Saddle hunting is a method of deer hunting from an elevated position utilizing a hunting saddle, which consists of a tether rope-fastened swing, perch, or sling. A saddle, lineman’s belt, climbing equipment (sticks, steps, or ladders), a tether rope, and a platform to stand on after reaching the desired hunting height are all indispensable tools for exercising this technique. It is exceptionally comfortable, safe, and simple to learn. In addition, it provides a 360-degree viewing angle for the hunter, which expands hunting access. Trophyline, the manufacturer of tree saddles, designated 2020 as National Saddle Hunting Day for these reasons.

The purpose of the holiday is to increase equestrian hunting community membership and public awareness. This occasion is utilized by saddle hunters to congregate, exchange knowledge and concepts, exhibit novel hunting accessories that may prove indispensable, and consume delectable fare. National Saddle Hunting Day may provide an excellent opportunity for novice hunters to speak with seasoned professionals and receive guidance on how to improve their hunting abilities.

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National Saddle Hunting Day 2023 FAQs

How is one able to ascend a tree while equestrian hunting?

A variety of “aides” are utilized by saddle hunters in order to increase their vertical reach.

Which saddle provides the most luxury while hunting?

Trophyline saddle packages appear to provide the greatest value for the money.

What tree saddle is ideal?

The Phantom Saddle is unquestionably the finest saddle in its category with a single panel.

National Saddle Hunting Day 2023 Activities

Engage in a foraging excursion

On National Saddle Hunting Day, one might contemplate embarking on their inaugural saddle hunting expedition. To begin saddle hunting, consult an experienced hunter or enroll in a saddle hunting course.

Join and train for a saddle search.

National Saddle Hunting Day presents an exceptional occasion for esteemed deer hunters who are yet to experiment with saddle hunting to do so. Invest in a saddle and commence your training.

Attend a festive occasion

National Saddle Hunting Day provides an opportunity to make new acquaintances. Join a local equestrian hunting community and make new acquaintances.

Five Interesting Hunting Facts

Various hunting deities exist.

Diomedes Mixcoatl, Artemis, and Diana are hunting deities.

Hunters were restricted to aristocracy.

Those peasants who attempted to hunt without authorization were punished or pursued.

Peasant hunting was prohibited in France.

In 1515, hunting was prohibited for French peasantry.

Predation evolved into spectacles.

During royal expeditions, the entire court was present in the hunting fields.

The majority of hunters are baby boomers.

About one-third of hunters in the United States are baby boomers.


Year Date Day
2023 November 11 Saturday
2024 November 9 Saturday
2025 November 8 Saturday
2026 November 14 Saturday