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National Billy Day 2024: FAQs, Dates, Activities, History, and Facts About Billys

National Billy Day 2024, observed on February 25, honors the name Billy, a male given name indicating a stable, well-balanced personality and active participation in civic initiatives.

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National Billy Day 2024 FAQs, Dates, Activities, History, and Facts About Billys

National Billy Day 2024: National Billy Day is observed annually on February 25. Billy is predominantly a given name to males. It derives from the English language and is defined as a “resolute protector.” Billy is a name that connotes the act of sacrificing one’s desires to provide for the needs of others. It suggests that you possess a stable and well-balanced personality. You frequently contribute to civic initiatives as a volunteer and assume a substantial portion of the associated obligations. We honor the lives, accomplishments, and personalities of individuals with the name Billy today.

The History of National Billy Day

In 1987, parents in the United States gave over 1,648 infants the name Billy. Between the years 1880 and 2018, the name Billy was most frequently used, with 1934 being the most notable, with over 9,559 newborns bearing the name. During the aforementioned time frame, the name appeared in the database of the Social Security Administration (S.S.A.) over 388,026 times. In 1880, seven infants were initially given the name. It reached the 90th spot on the national popularity list in 1922, with 2,029 instances recorded among newborn males.

Billy achieved prominence as a male given name in the U.S. State of Oklahoma in 1929 when it ranked second with 920 infants. The name experienced its highest-ever count of 1,845 infant males in Texas in 1930. From 1919 to 1993, Billy remained the preeminent boy’s name in West Virginia for a period exceeding seventy-five years. Additionally, it has gained popularity in states like Arkansas.

From 1979 to 2018, the S.S.A. database recorded 43,720 occurrences of the name Billy. This represents the last four decades of information. Prominent Billys in the United States include Billy Joel, an American musician; Billy the Kid, an American gunfighting fugitive from the Old West; and Billy Baldwin, an American Major League Baseball outfielder. Billie is the female form of the given name. Billie Holiday, an American jazz and swing vocalist, and Billie Eilish, a singer-songwriter, are notable bearers. National Billy Day honors the accomplishments of individuals with the name Billy in the United States and internationally.

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FAQs for National Billy Day

What is the Australian meaning of Billy?

In Australia, people frequently use a metal container called a billy over a fire to bring water to a boil, prepare meals, or brew tea.

What is the Scottish meaning of Billy?

In Scotland, people frequently refer to weighty wooden clubs, cudgels, or sticks used as weapons as “billies.”

Why does William go by the appellation Billy?

The earliest documented instance of Billy being used as an epithet for William dates back to the late 1600s when Irishmen dubbed Protestant conqueror King William III of England “King Billy.”

Participation in National Billy Day activities

Honor companions named Billy

On their name day, if you know anyone named Billy, do something special for them. You may purchase them a present or dine with them.

Contribute to social media

Commemorate your special day as a Billy by sharing social media posts. Share interesting information about your name and encourage other Billys to do the same.

Discuss your name with your parents.

You should take advantage of this holiday to discover the origin of your name. Inquire as to why your parents selected this name for you.

Five Fascinating Facts Concerning Popular Billys

A musician who has received awards

Billie Eilish has garnered the following honors: an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, two Guinness World Records, seven Grammys, three MTV Video Music Awards, three Brit Awards, two American Music Awards, and one.

Constantly developing potential

Eilish is the youngest artist to simultaneously earn Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist.

The homage to excellence

Billie Holiday has been the recipient of four Grammys for Best Historical Album since her passing in 1959.

Originating from a renegade

For stealing provisions in 1875, 16-year-old Billy the Kid encountered the law for the first time.

The performer neglected

Billy Joel, who has received 23 Grammy nominations, has won a mere five.


Year Date Day
2024 February 25 Sunday
2025 February 25 Tuesday
2026 February 25 Wednesday
2027 February 25 Thursday
2028 February 25 Friday