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National Tie One On Day 2023: Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About apron

On Thanksgiving Eve, individuals throughout the United States don apron-wearing attire and distribute a loaf of bread and an apron to express their affection.

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National Tie One On Day 2023 Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About apron

National Tie One On Day 2023: National Tie One On Day has observed annually on November 24th, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, to honor baked goods. On Thanksgiving Eve, individuals throughout the United States don apron-wearing attire and distribute a loaf of bread and an apron to express their affection. Describe how it operates: National Tie One On Day is observed by individuals donning aprons and placing a note of sentiment within them. They then enclose a loaf of bread in the apron and deliver it to a deserving recipient as a token of their holiday affection. Nationwide, including gardeners, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, National Tie One On Day encourages individuals to “give” in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Tie One On Day (or TOODay as it is commonly referred to) is about love, not the apron or the apron-wearer. National Tie One On Day is traditionally observed by women who are engaged in cooking activities. However, its significance can be extended to anyone in close proximity who desires to show affection. You may purchase a loaf of bread from the supermarket if you are unable to prepare one.

National Tie One On Day History

2006 marked the inaugural Tie One On Day, which was organized by apron expert EllynAnne Geisel. With her website, “Apron Memories,” and her best-selling books, “The Apron Book” and “Apron Chronicles,” which document the process of creating, donning, and distributing the fabric that brings immense pleasure and comfort, EllynAnne Geisel is a maverick and a legend in the apron community.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, EllynAnne was engaged in preparations and contemplating the common complaint among individuals regarding the burdensome nature of holiday preparations. Suddenly, she recalled a tragic incident that had occurred among one of her neighbors. She decided to express her gratitude to her neighbor by showing her how fortunate she was. She encased a portion of delectable bread in an apron and accompanied it with a heartfelt note that wished to bring a little joy to your day. She presented her neighbor with the wrapped delicacy while wearing an apron.

That one act of benevolence laid the foundation for the lovely occasion that is presently recognized as National Tie One On Day. EllynAnne stated that her action brought her such happiness that she desired for others to experience and partake in her happiness and love. Thus, prior to Thanksgiving, she established Tie One On Day to encourage individuals throughout the United States and beyond to extend some acts of affection and benevolence.

Tie One On Day is an occasion to demonstrate affection by donning an apron. Historically, aprons have been emblematic of coziness, hospitality, and hospitability. On National Tie One On Day, hundreds of individuals from around the globe don aprons to demonstrate the apron’s true essence: benevolence, courtesy, and hospitality.

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FAQs for National Tie One On Day

Which books has EllynAnne Geisel authored?

Two of her books, “The Apron Book” and “The Kitchen Linens Book,” have received multiple awards. In addition, she has authored a companion gift book titled “Apronisms: Pocket Wisdom for Every Day.” Additionally, she has designed and oversaw the travelogue “Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections.”

The date of National Necktie Day is unknown.

National Necktie Day is annually observed on October 18 in the United Kingdom, with Croatia being the country of origin for the holiday. In addition to National Necktie Day, National Bow Tie Day and National Tie Month are observed annually on August 28 and December, respectively.

Commemorate National Tie Dye Day.

National Tie Dye Day is observed annually on April 30 around the globe as a celebration of the extraordinary hues and designs that can be achieved through the art of tie-dye.

Observance of National Tie One-On Day Activities


Additionally, Tie One On Day honors the apron for its historical impact on the globe. On Tie One On Day, you may dedicate the morning to crafting an exquisite new apron that you can use to adorn your baked gift.


To observe Tie One On Day, one may prepare and distribute a delectable baked product to a friend or family member. You can commemorate the occasion even if you lack expertise in the culinary arts by purchasing opulent baked goods from a nearby patisserie.


Tie One On Day is fundamentally about benevolence. One should consider an individual who is in need of some additional affection and kindness. This could include a neighbor who has recently relocated to one’s neighborhood, a colleague who has recently recovered from an ailment, or even a plumber who has experienced a challenging week. It is not limited to bread; one can also contribute time, attention, and gifts in addition to monetary contributions.

Five fascinating facts regarding apron

At one time, aprons represented fecundity.

Fertility goddess figurines possibly contain the earliest depictions of women wearing aprons; figurines of fertility goddesses wearing aprons dating back to 1600 B.C. have been discovered in Crete.

The design of an individual’s apron may serve as an indication of their occupation.

During the Middle Ages, occupations were delineated by the design or pattern of an individual’s apron. For instance, butchers wore green aprons, while masons and cobblers wore black aprons, respectively.

Aprons were a fashion statement in the past.

During the 1500s, women adorned their aprons with a variety of costly lace and embroidery. During the 1800s, aprons were worn by both affluent women in England and the United States and maids, with the class status of the maid being determined by the social standing of her employer.

A cultural icon during the 20th century was the apron.

During the 1940s and 1950s, aprons gained prominence in popular culture as an emblematic item representing family values and the practicality and ingenuity of housebound women and postwar families.

Aprons served as the divine garments.

Over the years, numerous depictions of ancient gods and goddesses have featured aprons; from those of China and Central America to Ancient Egypt, aprons have been associated with these deities.


Year Date Day
2023 November 22 Wednesday
2024 November 27 Wednesday
2025 November 26 Wednesday