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No News is Good News Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Activities, Facts

Christopher Colombus's first voyage to North America in 1492 marked the beginning of Europe's colonization of the continent.

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No News is Good News Day 2023

No News is Good News Day 2023: Every year on September 11, the United States observes No News is Good News Day, an intriguing occasion. Although it may seem amusing, you’d be surprised by how much negative news impacts the public atmosphere. On No News is Good News Day, however, you can take a respite from the 24-hour news cycle and concentrate on more positive thoughts. As technology continues to make it simpler to connect with literally any part of the globe, the ability to disconnect from the constant barrage of information is becoming crucial. On this day, you can take a break and go offline to avoid fretting about the news.


Although this day is native to the United States, little is known about its origin or history. With the pressures of daily social media shenanigans and political conflicts, not to mention climate change, it has become imperative to disconnect from time to time. The quality of your mood can be significantly improved by avoiding external information, which in turn increases your productivity. The majority of the time, however, it is difficult to maintain high levels of motivation because our timelines inform us of every conflict occurring anywhere in the world.

With essentially everything beginning and ending on social media these days, there is always enough content to keep you occupied for hours. And despite the impression that the vast majority of online content is relatively harmless, they can imperceptibly influence their audience and the decisions they make. A day in which everyone can disconnect from the pandemonium is an excellent idea that should be adopted globally.

Disconnect from the Internet and turn off the television. Play a board game or stroll along the shore. On No News is Good News Day, there are an innumerable number of activities available. In addition to the psychological benefits of having a complete day of peace of mind, you will return to the action feeling energized and refreshed. And as more people strive for a better work-life balance in the future years, this day will grow in popularity.


Disconnect from the internet

You can choose to ignore your devices on No News is Good News Day, despite the fact that the Internet does not have an off option. With so many events occurring on a global scale, there is always something fantastic and terrible on the timeline. On this day, however, you have the option of ignoring the Internet and focusing on natural observation.

Study a book.

The absence of news is good news Day is a wonderful opportunity to read one of those bestsellers you’ve purchased but haven’t had time to read. So brush it off, choose a location, and read something that is not news.

Visit scenic locales

Nothing helps the mind ascend as effortlessly as a leisurely stroll. All you need is your headphones and your preferred playlist to give you a steady rhythm. Take advantage of the day to visit a tranquil location and appreciate nature’s majesty.

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  • Christopher Colombus’s first voyage to North America in 1492 marked the beginning of Europe’s colonization of the continent.
  • George Washington is the only president to have received the maximum number of ballots from the Electoral College.
  • The abolition of slavery was one of the most significant post-Civil War developments in the United States.
  • It is estimated that more than five million alligators inhabit the southern states of the United States, with 1.25 million residing in Florida alone.
  • Hawaii became the 50th state and the 50th star on the flag 62 years ago, when it adopted its current design.


Year Date Day
2023 September 11 Monday
2024 September 11 Wednesday
2025 September 11 Thursday
2026 September 11 Friday
2027 September 11 Saturday